• state vs regional


    State League


    • PlayVS State leagues are only allowed ONE team per school, and must follow all relevant state association guidelines for state competition.
    • These leagues are state-wide and culminate with live state championship events that crown a state association champion each season.
    • Rocket League and League of Legends qualify as state competive teams this season.
    • State team players can qualify for a Colony high school letter.



    Regional League


    • PlayVS Regional allows esports programs to grow as big as student body interest supports.
    • Competition be grouped by region and will function on the exact same schedule as the PlayVS State leagues.
    • PlayVS Regional teams can experience esports on a more casual, fun level, or they can dedicate themselves to winning a championship.
    • Rocket League, League of Legends, Madden21, and FIFA qualify as regional teams this season.