• APEX Testing Information

    Houston Test Proctoring Schedule

    * If you need to take a CST for a CORE class (Eng. Sci. Math, Soc. Stu./History)  taught by a Houston teacher follow these steps:

    1. Make sure you have completed & turned in all of your assignments for that unit.
    2. Contact a proctor from the list above to schedule a time to take your test.


    Mrs. Williams:  Monday & Wednesday 2:25 - 4:15 p.m. in portable 3 or via zoom.

                    Contact info: amanda.williams@matsuk12.us   or call 892-9487*After 2:25 p.m.


     Mrs. Maki: Fridays 11:30- 1:30 & 4th hour by appointment for iTech Electives ONLY.

                    Contact info: jm07415@apps.matsuk12.us  or call the library 892-9413 *anytime


    NEW APEX TEST PROCTOR!    Starting in February Mr. Wade Boman will be available for Apex test proctoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays during school hours of 7:45 a.m.- 2:45 p.m. in the library.  He will be able to unlock and supervise a test or move students on from a failed quiz, for any Apex course including i-Tech elective classes for remote students.   Remote learning students can reach out to Mr. Boman to schedule a test proctoring session on Zoom by e-mailing him:  wade.boman@matsuk12.us . Students in school can stop by the library to take a test during their lunch or with a pass from their teacher anytime on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   This is a great opportunity for students to be able to keep on schedule in their classes and take supervised tests during a week when they may not have that class scheduled with their teacher.