• Moving Indoors

    Posted by NANCY BLAKE on 11/17/2020 12:00:00 PM


    As the temperatures drop and the ground freezes up, we have shifted physical education classes back into the gym for a while.

    We have been focusing on a variety of movement skills with an emphasis on the skill-related fitness components of balance and coordination, and the health-related fitness components of muscular strength and endurance. 

    Activities like "Ghostbusters," snowball battles, and basketball shooting are great ways to develop eye hand coordination.

    Climbing our 40 ft. traverse rock wall and practicing curl-ups & planks with partners help us build our muscular strength & endurance!

    Traveling along our slack lines and developing new moves on our "rock & rollers" give us great practice with dynamic balance!

    There are so many fun adventures to have in PE class! Maybe the best is when challenge ourselves to improve our skills as we build upon every one of our successes!

    kids in the gym


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  • Getting Outside on Two-Wheels

    Posted by NANCY BLAKE on 10/2/2020 8:00:00 AM

    Getting Outside on Two Wheels

    After two weeks of building skills and confidence on the non-pedal Strider bikes, our students have now been pedaling for the past week! Watching students who have never successfully ridden a two-wheeled bicycle before has been so rewarding! The smiles are HUGE and their eyes just LIGHT UP when they catch that groove of dynamic balance!


    Our students have practiced riding uphill and downhill. They've been introduced to the important communication of hand-signals to let other riders know their intentions. They've been weaving through cones, and lining-up their wheels to ride over ramps. 


    Next week, our kids will have a trail-riding experience as we take our bikes into the woods and experience our nature trail from a new mode of travel!


    mt bike

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  • September Cycling in PE

    Posted by NANCY BLAKE on 9/13/2020 8:00:00 AM

    Learning and Loving to Ride

    Life in Alaska gives us so many opportunities to explore the amazing, natural world around us. Most of us have spent these past few summer months doing just that -- hiking, camping, paddling, you name it! One of my favorite ways to be active outside, even just out my own front door, is riding my bicycle. 


    This fall, it is my hope to get EVERY student to fall in love with bicycle riding through physical education class.


    We are fortunate to have a full class set of STRIDER bicycles for our students to develop their balance and pedalling skills. Some of our students who are already skilled riders will get to enjoy the outdoors from a great set of two wheels, while those who are just developing their bike skills will be able to slowly build their confidence along with their skills. 


    All students will need a helmet to ride in PE. Those who already have their own personal "noggin-protector" are asked to bring it to school (please make sure it is clearly labeled!), and those who do not will be able to borrow one from my collection.


    I'm so excited to share my love of cycling with all of our Little Wolves! 

    bunny bike

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  • What Does PE Look Like This Year?

    Posted by NANCY BLAKE on 9/2/2020 9:00:00 AM

    Physical Education in the time of the coronavirus.
    What a time in history!
    As we get back into a new school year, there will be some changes. 

    • We have a new "outdoor gym," painted on the soccer field. Unless it is raining, or blustery enough to impact kids' health & safety outdoors, we will be learning outside.
      • Hiking boots or rainboots are great for the fall
      • Snowboots, snowpants, winter coats, hats & gloves will be needed in winter
    • Students are still expected to keep a pair of indoor PE shoes in their classroom.
      • If their shoes/socks get wet, they can wear these PE shoes indoors
      • If weather moves PE inside, they'll need indoor PE shoes for the gym.
    • Our water fountains are off-limits this year. Students will need to bring their own water bottle to class, and can also bring it to PE. (We sure get thirsty!)
    • We use limited equipment in PE. Students will sanitize hands before & after they use any equipment in class.
    • As we are a PK-2 school, students are not required to wear masks, but are encouraged to do so.
      • During exercise, it can be uncomfortable to wear a mask, so students have their own hula-hoop outside of the playing area to keep their masks, coats, waterbottles, and anything else they don't want to wear/hold during activity.
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