• Room 12 Newsletter

    Week of:

    October 26 - 30 

    Upcoming Events:

    October 26-30: Red Ribbon Week + Spirit Week

    Oct 26– Hats off to being  REDy to be drug free – Crazy hat and red day

    Oct 27- Be a superhero!! Stay drug free – superhero t-shirts or costumes

    Oct 28– Peace out to being drug free – Tie Dye day!

    Oct 29 -  Show your true colors, choose to be drug free – Each grade picks a color and wears that color (5th grade is blue)

    Oct 30- Say No to drugs and be fab-BOO-lus!!! Rated G Halloween costumes


    Homework for the week based on daily BUZZ lessons:

    Monday:  multiply decimals review, spelling copies 3 x print

    Tuesday: Unit 4 review, spelling copies 3 x cursive

    Wednesday:  No homework - Unit Test today, spelling sentences

    Thursday:  division, study for spelling test


    Academic Information:  


    We will be doing Rocket Math/ Reflex Math daily to work on our Math fact automaticity.

    Please contact me immediately if you have any questions about the material.



    Story of the week: “Storm Warriors”

    Genre: Historical Fiction

    Target Skill: Conclusions and Generalizations

    Target Strategy: Inter/Predict


    Grammar skill of the week:  Complex Sentences

    Spelling skill of the week:   Compound Words


    Social Studies/Science:

    Social Studies: election process

    Science: trees/photosynthesis