At Home Read 180 Syllabus, 2020-21


    Teacher:      Scott Olsen

    Email:           scott.olsen@matsuk12.us

    Phone:         (907) 761-1545

    Room:          214

    Tutorial:       Weekly Zoom Meetings and Office hours on Friday from 7:15AM – 11:00AM


    Course Description: The READ 180 program is a Scholastic reading intervention program. The program uses differentiated and direct instruction, adaptive and instructional software, high-interest literature, and focuses on comprehension, reading, writing, and vocabulary skills. It is an intensive reading intervention program that has been proven effective for those students needing additional reading support.


    Course Objectives: The objective of READ 180 is to provide systematic instruction that will improve achievement levels in reading, writing, and vocabulary.  The READ 180 classroom is a special place for reading, learning, and sharing ideas that support and build academic language.  The instructional sessions will include both Whole Group Instruction and Small-Group Rotations.


    Course Assignments: All assignments for the year will be posted in Google Classroom.  The classroom code is 4q3qlzc.


    Rotations: Using the READ 180 instructional materials, students are provided systematic instruction in reading, writing, and vocabulary. Using proven strategies, students will rotate through the following formats: 

    • Whole-Group – Bellwork, journals, rBook activities, vocabulary, homework, daily participation
    • Small-Group - rBook activities, writing, skills test, small projects, conferences, individual skills assessments
    • READ 180 Software - Students will use the READ 180 Software independently, providing them with an intensive, individualized skills practice.
    • Independent Reading – There are five independent reading accountability exercises that must be completed with each novel read by the student.
      • Daily reading log (filled out completely)
    • QuickWrite
    • Graphic Organizer
    • Wrap-up exercise/Study guide
    • Final test over the novel


    Materials: pencil, eraser, assignment book.  Teacher will provide class binder and folder.


    Evaluation: All grades are based on the Scholastic READ 180 rotations and I will be using the MSBSD Read 180 grading framework:

    • Whole Group Work - Real Book Assignments:  30% of total grade
    • Read 180 Software:  30% of total grade
    • Independent Reading Assignments:  30% of total grade
    • R-Skills test:  10% of total grade
Last Modified on November 30, 2020