• Good Afternoon Virtual Math Class Parents and Students,

    My name is Michelle Bannon and I am the High School Virtual Math teacher. I also teach 8th grade math and Algebra 1. I am reaching out today to provide information, and give you the expectations for your child’s virtual math course. If you have any questions regarding your child’s enrollment in the Math Class, please contact their counselor: Lisa Campbell lisa.campbell@matsuk12.us (last names A-J) or Danielle Gardner Danielle.gardner@matsuk12.us (last names K-Z.)

    Meeting Times and Days

    Although your child is enrolled in at-home learning, district-wide secondary schools are meeting on ‘A Weeks’ (Periods 1-3) and ‘B Weeks’ (Periods 4-6) with a total of three class periods per day. On Fridays, at-school learners are working virtual from home. The Virtual High School Math Class is the only virtual class I am teaching, the remaining five class periods I have in-person meetings. While your child may work at a time during the day (or evening) that fits your family’s schedule, please understand that my availability for additional support is limited as I have time designated for the Virtual Math Class on ‘B Weeks’ Period 5, between the time of 10:30-12:20. I ask that students work on assignments during the ‘B Week’ dates—I have provided a calendar for those dates within our Google Classroom. On Friday’s, I have office hours from 1:45-2:45. The best way to reach me is through e-mail at michelle.bannon@matsuk12.us . This year, teachers do not have class prep time until Friday, so I am not accessible during the school day via phone calls, but I will return e-mails as soon as I am able. I also ask for patience as we learn this virtual model together, I have 59 students enrolled in nine different classes, in this one class period, so I will do my very best to connect with students as I am able.

    High School Virtual Math Class

    The high school virtual math course curriculum will be administered ad submitted through APEX. I have created a google classroom for any announcements and helpful videos/links.

    The Google Classroom Code is: fgy2ode

    As classroom teacher, I will be monitoring student progress. APEX sends weekly progress reports every Sunday evening. I will update weekly grades in ParentVue/StudentVue, although APEX will provide a more accurate portrait of their grade to date. Students are to complete two lessons per day during a “B Week”. The course pace is rigorous, a typical full five-day week is as follows:

    Monday-Friday: Students will complete 2 lessons per day, for a total of 10 lessons every “B Week” Students are not required to work on math during “A Weeks”, but are welcome to, just know that I have in-person classes all day during “A Week” and may not be available connect with students who may have questions.




    Monday is our first day of High School Virtual Math Class, period 5 (10:30-12:20), I will provide information on how to use APEX, how to work on/submit practice assignments, and how to submit a study guide for a quiz retake.

    This week I will be available from 10:30-12:20 for High School Virtual Math students, I will be creating a schedule for the week of August 31st and so forth, so that I can equally divide all 9 courses throughout the week. I will post the link to a Zoom meeting for “office hours”, in google classroom. The Zoom meetings will be available for students who need help with their math assignment. I will open the Zoom meeting at 11:00 am each day this week.

    I know this is a lot of information, but wanted to provide families with Google Classroom information, the schedule, and APEX information should you have any questions. I am looking forward to a very productive year, please let me know if you have any further questions!


    Contact Information:

    Email: michelle.bannon@matusk12.us

    Classroom Phone Number: (907) 864-5425

    Website: https://www.matsuk12.us/Page/29661

    Office Hours:  Friday: 1:45-2:45

    This year, teachers will not have prep time/office hours until Friday. As I am in class between the hours of 7:45-2:15, email is the best way to reach me—I will do my very best to respond to emails in a timely manner. My priority each week will be the students I am currently meeting with, as time permits, I will move to the needs of the ‘off week’ students.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

    Thank You,

    Michelle Bannon