• Syllabi and contact notes:

    All English II:

    The syllabus this year is, at minimum, the English 2 Apex program prescribed by the district. I will try to supplement this with further reading and activities from the pre COVID course, but none of that is guaranteed given the various in person or remote possibilities for the semester: We need to be sure you can work through the bulk of the class from home if needed.   Grades will be managed and reported in Synergy (Student View); grades in Apex will be subject to varied weighting in Synergy to accommodate for our variable conditions and the possibility of adding supplemental assignments from my usual presentation of the course. 

    IB classes will follow the IB guides, the course interface is Google classroom.

    IB ToK will be working from the 2021 and 2022 guides (pdf in Google Class)

    IB philosophy will attempt to redirect the reading to texts available online from the IB book list and some supplemental (mostly for historical or contextual purposes. We will be reading The ethics of Authenticity and likely concentrating on Western Philosophy. Text options will be updated as we get rolling. The IB IA assignment is required. Other papers will be relative to either aspects of philosophy from the guide (ethics, epistemology, etc) or demonstrations of facility with assigned texts.

    My office hours are on Fridays, TBA pending district or school meetings. I can easily be contacted by email at AF07505@apps.matsuk12.us or Andrew.Fournier@matsuk12.us