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    SUMMARY of A.B.L.E.


    ABLE is a self-paced, individualized learning center with a professional, structured environment where students receive one-on-one help and work at their own pace on 1 - 2 classes at a time.  Students work independently from 4 - 6 hours on without unnecessary interruptions or distractions.  


    As soon as a student completes a class, they are given the next class they need until all of their credits are either caught up or they graduate.  Students must earn at least 70% to progress from one class to the next.  The day a student graduates, he/she is done and does not have to return to school.  


    For juniors, ABLE is meant to be a temporary change in their high school career that would, otherwise, turn into a five year tenure.  As soon as the junior is caught up enough in credits, he/she will return to their original program or school the next semester. 


    ABLE provides all students with a mentor teacher to help guide them and to provide academic support and tutoring when needed.  Students will have the option of taking academic support classes to help build skills so they can successfully handle any obstacle they may encounter in their classes. All courses are blended from different sources, including Apex, to meet students where they are at so they can work independently, while help is always available within the room.  


    Because ABLE provides shortened courses for credit recovery, it is not meant to substitute for an extended high school experience.   An extended period of time in ABLE could limit a student’s opportunity to receive deeper learning and will disqualify him/her from receiving an NCAA Division I or 2 scholarship.  However, for seniors at risk of not graduating, or graduating late, ABLE provides a unique opportunity to recover all of their credits in a short timeframe so that nothing comes between the senior and the beginning of their future career.


    It is important to point out that ABLE has been in the district since 2010 and has a proven track record of graduating seniors behind in credits.  The program was previously branded AdvancePath, one of many nation-wide AdvancePath centers, and was ranked as one of the top two or three centers in the number of graduates and courses completed.  ABLE continues that tradition of research-based practices and expertise.


    Previously, students would have to be referred to other school sites to join the ABLE program, but next semester students have the opportunity to join the program from two local schools: Burchell High School and Houston High School!