• Geometry is the study of shapes, size, distance, and location. Geometry covers length, area, and volume in one, two and three dimensions, respectively. It has many applications in our daily lives as well as other applications beyond such as astronomy like finding the distance between objects in space. We will touch on trigonometry later in the school year, which for us will deal with the relationship between angles and sides of a triangles, most commonly for right-triangles. 

    We will be using a Google Classroom this year to organize assignments, have a common place for announcements, and as a contingency for remote learning. The Google Classroom codes are next to the section numbers that you are registered in. Please join only the Google Classroom for your correct section numbers (Fall and Spring)


     A Week

    Sections: 2221-1 & 2222-1 Google Classroom Code: xjecgsx

                  2221-2 & 2222-2 Google Classroom Code: k33dmvt

    B Week 

    Sections: 2221-4 & 2222-4 Google Classroom Code: uyzkc47

                  2221-6 & 2222-6 Google Classroom Code: xkdbdrf