• RUNNING SHOES – An adequate pair of RUNNING shoes MUST be used. Without proper shoes, runners will not be permitted to practice. 

    RUNNING PANTS OR SHORTS –  Athletes should have active wear for practice and meets. Athletes can wear any athletic bottoms for the meets. 

    WATER – All athletes are REQUIRED to bring a water bottle to all practices and meets (no water, no running).

    WATCH – Basic watches with a stopwatch function are helpful for practice. A watch will help athletes time their work-outs and help an athlete track their own progress.

    UNIFORM – Athletes will receive a jersey. They will be responsible for bringing it to all their meets. They can keep it at the end of the season. 

    RAIN GEAR AND WARM CLOTHES – Alaskan athletes understand that we run in various weather conditions. Be prepared to run outside every day.  Please pack extra layers to include a long sleeve shirt, sweats, rain pants and a rain coat. If a student is unprepared for practice, they will be sent home. Athletes are required to show they have a jacket and pants prior to getting on the bus for a meet as well. Many of our meets are met with heavy rainfall. If an athlete does not have their gear, they will not be allowed on the bus to travel. 


Last Modified on August 7, 2022