1. Attendance:
    Athletes must attend 10 practices to be eligible to compete and/or travel with the team.  EVERY practice is important and has a purpose.  Practices are mandatory, not optional. Each workout is designed as part of our overall season training plan and therefore, should not be missed.  Please schedule appointments before or after practices.
    2. Time:
    A. Before school starts;
    Practices will start at
    3 pm before school starts, and will be done each day at about 4:30 pm. Practices may last longer depending on location.
    B. After school starts;
    When school starts, practice will start promptly at 2:30 pm. Be dressed and in the theater by 2:25 pm. We will go over details of the practice, discuss races, answer questions and carpool to our venue for practice.  Practices will be done by 4-4:30 pm.  Pick up at the venue, or arrange to be driven back to CHS for pick up. 
    *TRANSPORATION to PRACTICE WHEN SCHOOL STARTS: When school starts, we will be carpooling from CHS to our running venues. We will need parents, coaches and upperclassman to help transport those who cannot drive themselves. If your schedule allows to help, please be at school between 2:30-2:40 pm. If we do not have enough drivers to get everyone to the scheduled venue, one coach will stay on site and conduct an alternate workout. Practice will start promptly, at 2:30 in the theater every day.
    3. Duration of practices:
    Depending on the practice venue, practices usually last no longer than 90 minutes. Please arrange for prompt pick-up. The weather can be cold and windy and our venues do not provide a place to stay out of the elements, so it is imperative you get picked up ON TIME.
    4. Items to bring: Water bottle, watch, extra clothes & shoes for weather conditions, phone and snack
    5. Locations: 
    We will take advantage of many local trails for our practice venues. Before school starts, please make transportation arrangements to meet the coaches at the designated location for practices and be picked up there as well. They may include; Colony High School, Crevasse Moraine trail system, UAF Farm Kin-Win Trailhead, Hatcher Pass, Butte, Government Peak Recreational Area (GPRA), Mat River trail, Matanuska Lake and possibly other off-sight locations.  Pick up will be AT the practice venue unless you have made other arrangements.
    *Practice venues are SUBJECT to CHANGE. 
    6.  Driver Form/Rider Form: WHEN SCHOOL STARTS
    Must be turned in to a Coach or Mrs. Johnston or you will not be allowed to attend practices held away from the school.  
Last Modified on July 23, 2022