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          • iTech Online is MSBSD’s district-wide program providing online learning opportunities to middle and high school students for credit. Whether a student needs an online course for acceleration, credit recovery, sports-related absences, limited options at schools, or any other reason, school counselors can enroll students in an iTech Online Learning course.  Flexibility and choice are key advantages to Mat-Su students wanting a different delivery method for their middle or high school learning experience.

            The format is one that divides the student support between a school-based Mentor and a Virtual Teacher. The Virtual teacher is the teacher of record, grading assignments, supporting students with content questions, providing feedback on written work and tests, and connecting with parents as needed. The Mentor provides support either daily in a Cyber Center lab, or through regularly scheduled progress meetings for independent study students.  They orient students, monitor/track student progress, set completion goals, proctor tests and final exams, and connect with parents as needed. Whereas the Virtual Teacher works with iTech students from all high schools in the district, the Mentor only works with iTech students at a specific school.

            The iTech Online Program uses multiple content providers for online courses; Apex Learning and eDynamic Learning are the primary learning platforms, but Google Classroom is also used for Alaska History.

            Apex houses all of the core courses, including Language Arts, Math, Science, & Social Studies. In addition, Apex offers foreign language (Spanish/French), electives and Health/P.E.  Please click the link to the right for the current course list.  Apex Learning is a proprietary subscription-based service which provides NCAA approved and nationally accredited online courses to school districts all over the world. Early high school credit can be earned by middle school students in limited core courses and Health. MSBSD has an unlimited district license for Apex Learning courseware.

            The eDynamic platform offers more than 300 career exploration electives, most of which are not offered anywhere else in the school district.  While not all eDynamic courses are offered in the Mat-Su, a comprehensive list covering a wide variety of topics is available and updated regularly.  Click the link to the right for the current course list.

            For more information, please contact any of our administrative staff.


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