• 6th Grade Language Art Class Syllabus

    Class Expectations

    The successful student will…

    Be in their assigned seat and ready to begin class at the proper time

    Have all class materials with them each day

    Follow directions the first time they are given

    Complete assignments on time

    Be respectful of teachers and classmates

    Come to class with a positive and productive attitude

    Daily Class Materials:

    To be prepared for class, students need to bring…

    • Fully charged Chromebook
    • Folder (plastic preferred)
    • Independent Reading Novel
    • Notebooks--composition and spiral

    Supply List:

    • Folder (plastic preferred with name on the front)
    • Pencil Pouch with
      • red correcting pen(s)
      • pencils/pens
      • colored pencil set
      • scissors
      • Eraser
    • College Ruled Notebook Paper (1 pack to share with the class)
    • One chapter book (at or slightly above your current reading level)
    • 1 composition notebook (college ruled)
    • 1 spiral notebook


    The best way to contact me is via email: mikael.porcello@matsuk12.us

    The direct classroom phone number is: 907-352-7561

    The best time to reach me is during my planning period: 8:40-9:25am  or after school 2:15-2:45pm.


    The best way to keep up with your student’s progress is by regularly checking ParentVue. I encourage you to check weekly with your student--I do this with my own kids each Thursday evening.  Also, students are taught and encouraged to consistently check their own grades at school. 


    Parents are also encouraged to have their student give them a tour of our Google Classroom, but keep in mind, our Google Classroom does not reflect all classroom tasks, assignments, and assessments.


    Grading Policy:

    Grades are updated at least 2x’s per week on ParentVue/StudentVue

    50% Daily Work (quick writes, notes, participation)--This grade reflects work ethic and practice.

    50% Tests, Quizzes, Projects, Writing Assignments--This grade reflects generalization and mastery of skills and concepts taught.


    Grades follow this scale:

    A+ 98-100 C+ 78-79

    A 93-97 C 73-77

    A- 90-92 C- 70-72

    B+ 88-89 D+ 68-69

    B 83-87 D 63-67

    B- 80-82 D- 60-62

    F 59 and below


    Assignments not finished in class become homework which is due the next day. 

    Students are expected to read  20 pages daily at home and to bring their current chapter book to class with them each day. 

    Students are expected to write each day and to bring their writer’s notebook to class with them each day.

    Vocabulary packets are due and graded each Thursday with a quiz every Friday.


    Students are expected to come to class prepared, demonstrate a sincere effort to work, improve, and learn. Students are also expected to contribute to class discussions, collaborate with peers on specific projects, and share work with the class.  


    Make-up work is entirely the responsibility of the student.  When a student has an excused absence, work is accepted without penalty.  The Teeland Handbook guidelines are: one day to complete work for each day absent plus one day. Students must make an appointment to make up missed tests and quizzes.

    To find out about missed work a student can…

    • Call a study buddy from class.
    • Check your teacher’s Google Classroom for assignments.
    • Talk to your teacher before/after school and before/after class.

    Late Work

    Late assignments are accepted, but are docked 10% per week late.  Each quarter I will post a final date for accepting work. 

    Last Notes

    As per the TMS School handbook, food, gum, and drinks (other than water in a clear container) are not to be in class. Cell Phones are to be turned on silent and kept concealed during class.