• Theme: Media Balance and Well being (Dec 7-11)

    Each week we will look at a different digital citizen topic. This week is "Media Balance and Well-Being". This topic explores how students can go beyond screen time to explore the impact their digital lives can have on their well-being and relationships while learning to balance media in their everyday lives (Common Sense Media). Watch this short video and discuss with your family. Why is it a good idea to turn off your device and just play with other people?


    K-2 Media Balance



    3-5 My Media Balance



    Theme:  Privacy & Security

    The digital citizenship theme for week 2 is privacy and security. Watch these short videos and talk with your child/teen about keeping your family's personal information private and secure. 


    Elementary- Primary (K-2)

    Pause and Think 

    How can you be a good digital citizen online?


    Theme:  Cyberbullying

    Elementary- Intermediate (3-5)

    What is cyberbullying?

    What information do you share online? How can you keep your personal information safe? 




Last Modified on December 15, 2020