• Sportsmanship


    Wasilla Middle School athletes and fans must remember that the primary focus of our athletic program is not winning games.  Although we have been very successful over the years and have won many games and championships, our primary function is to use athletics as an extension of the classroom.  Wasilla Middle School believes that having an understanding and a respect for sportsmanship is just one of the many benefits of athletic participation. The WMS student-athlete is expected to:

    • Treat opponents with respect
    • Play hard and play within the rules
    • Exercise self-control at all times
    • Respect officials and accept their decisions without gesture or argument
    • Win without boasting and lose without excuses
    • Always remember that it is a privilege to represent your school and community


    Attendance Policy


    All WMS students participating in any extra-curricular activity are required to attend and participate in a full day’s academic schedule to be eligible for that night’s practice or athletic contest. Exceptions to the above policy are dental and medical appointments and funerals.  Students are also required to attend all practices and games unless excused by the coach for extenuating circumstances.


    Academic Eligibility/Movement of Students


    Student-athletes will have their grades checked on a regular basis to ensure academic progress.

    The Assistant Principal will conduct grade checks on a weekly basis and will pass the information on to staff and coaches.

    1st week of a having an F in any subject he/she is place on Level 1 = May practice and play in game/match 

    2nd week of having an F in any subject he/she is placed on Level 2 =  Limited Practice and may play in game/match

    3rd week of having an F in any subject he/she is place on Level 3.   May practice but not allowed to play in a game/match.   (See Academic Eligibility Process in WMS Student Handbook) 

    Once a student is on a team, they remain on that team, unless they become academically ineligible or they move upward to fill a needed position/spot.