The State of Alaska has closed schools until March 30, 2020 but we are preparing for a longer closure.  We will provide distance education starting Monday, March 23rd. Please remember this is a dynamic and evolving situation, this information is all subject to change.  Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we navigate this new normal.


    My Contact Information:


    • (907) 854-8655
    • larissa.linder@matsuk12.us
    • Office hours via cell phone, email or Class Dojo: 9am-5pm


    • Office hours via Zoom: every Tuesday 11am-12pm


    Preferred way to reach me: Class Dojo message or text message, Zoom on Tuesday's


    Weekly and Daily Schedules:

    First Grade is working together as a grade level. Every first grader has access to the same Google Classroom. 



    Grade level Zoom office hours: Tuesday 11am - 12pm (Mrs. Linder), Wedensday 11am - 12pm (Mrs. Brown), Friday 1:30pm - 2:30pm (Mrs. Lyons). These are also posted under each teacher's name on Google Classroom with Zoom tips, the recurring Zoom meeting link, and specific contact information for each teacher.  


    Curriculum assignments and lessons will be posted on Google Classroom under "Required Weekly Work." These will be posted on Mondays and due to be resubmitted to their classroom teacher by Friday of the same week. This will allow families to work at their own pace and not fall behind in curriculum. A "week at a glance" will be provided as guidelines for families to follow for pacing of assignments and lessons for the week. 



    I will be available for parent contact at any office hours time. 

    I will be working daily with my teaching teammates to plan lessons and create our content for the next week's lessons to be posted on Google Classroom. Lessons and video content will be scheduled to be posted on our Google Classroom at 8am on Monday of each week. 

    Student's will also be expected to do Lexia and Moby Math daily. Those links will remain under "Required Daily Work." Free choice reading and a reading log are also included in the "Required Daily Work" section. 


    Google Classroom Class Code: subnxvm


    How to view what is in your child’s Google Classroom: 

    Ask your child to pull up their Google classroom to see what we’ve posted in there, including videos and google slides that will help teach each lesson.

    You may also request a parent invite (gmail account required) to be linked to your student's Google Classroom as well. 


    Resources for Parents:

    Teacher Website: https://www.matsuk12.us/Page/33417

    Parent Quick Links

    Student Quick Links


    Plan for Students Without Internet/Computer Access:

    I will print instructional packets and how to letters/resources for parents to help students learn the materials.  We will contact you with information regarding material pick up. Please take a photo of the completed work and send it to me via email so I can grade it.  


    Plan for Communication:

    • Any information that pertains to all Snowshoe students will be sent by office staff via Blackboard (email, text) and posted to our school Facebook page.
    • Any information that is pertinent to my classroom/group will be sent from me via Blackboard (email, text) and posted to my classroom website and Class Dojo messages and story.
    • I will call all the students I teach once per week, based on the times you gave us in the Parent Needs Assessment.
    • You are always welcome to contact me via the information listed at the top.