• CMS Music Online assignment page: this will be updated when we are scheduled to go online.

     This page is for CMS Online Music students (home school students) mostly.  There will also be Virtual assignments if CMS is shut down for all CMS students.

    8/21/20 assignments:  You need to record yourself and submit it to Google Classroom your playing/singing test from the assigned parts in your sheet music: Choir: 1st verse of the National Anthem-piano accompaniment is here: https://www.matsuk12.us/Page/7827 Percussion: Both snare drum and mallet part on your sheet music assignment. Advance band: Flute-Coast Guard- measure 39-55 Clarinet-Coast Guard- measure 71-first ending Saxophone-Allegory measure 15-31 Orchestra: Violins-My Bonny Lass-Letter B to the end of the song Viola-Going, Going-Beginning to measure 17 Intermediate band: Clarinet-Grand Finale measure 41 to the end of the song You will need to make an MP3 (using your cell phone or your computer with a audio recorder) and submitted it. If you can't make an MP3- you can call 761-1517 and play/sing me a "message" in the phone. It will record it. Assignment needs to be submitted by Thursday, Sept. 3.



Last Modified on August 21, 2020