• Procedure for Referral/Admission to IAES


    IAES is an optional program.  Schools can recommend the program, but the student and their parent need to agree to the terms of the program before a student can begin attending IAES.


    IAES is for students who have an IEP or a 504 Plan who are suspended for 10 days or more.


    The student's school will need to first hold a Manifestation Determination Meeting (MDT) within 10 days of the offense to determine if the offense is a manifestation of the student's disability.  For more information about the MDT, click here.


    If it is determined that the offense was not related to the student's disability, and the school decides the suspension will stand, the student will then become eligible for IAES.


    It is strongly encouraged that an IAES representative be invited to the Manifestation Determination Meeting.


    Before a student can enroll in IAES, the student and their parent will need to go through the IAES handbook/contract WITH THE IAES TEACHER and agree to the terms of the program. 

    • This is NOT a step that can be completed by a boundary school staff member. 
    • If a boundary school attempts to do this step without the IAES teacher, the contract will be null and void, and will need to be done again with the IAES teacher.


     Following this, the parent and the student will need to participate in an amendment meeting to amend placement from their current school to the Day School.


    If the IAES teacher is invited and able to attend the Manifestation Determination Meeting, and if the student is present, the contract and the amendment meeting can take place after the MDT, saving the parent additional time. 



    Why choose IAES?

    • IAES provides a small, classroom environment with no more than an 8:1 student/teacher ratio, and often less than 4:1.
    • Distractions are limited, and each student is provided with their own workspace and all of the resources they need to complete their assignments.
    • IAES does their best to accommodate each student's current schedule, keeping them on-pace with their boundary school so they can return at the end of the suspension with as little turbulence as possible.
    • Daily communication with parent is provided in the form of a point sheet with comments about student progress for each educational block.