• Introduction to Cooking (Culinary 1)

    Instructor: Chef Rebecca Giedosh-Ruge

    Office Number: 907-352-0439

    Welcome to Intro to Cooking (Culinary 1)! This class offers an introduction to general cooking/kitchen survival. During this semester we will cover a variety of home kitchen based subjects and cook at least 2 days a week. Please come to class on time, be prepared to work and focus. Let’s have fun and learn a lot along the way!

    Course Description: This program is designed to introduce students to the skills necessary for success in the home cooking arena. We will learn about, but are not limited to:

    Knife Skills/Nutrition/Menu planning/Egg Cookery/Meat Free Meals/Baking/Food Safety and Sanitation/Chicken Fabrication/Soups, Stocks, Sauces/Meal Prep

    Materials: Being Organized is Essential to Success!

    1. Three Ring Binder (Provided by Chef, for keeping Bell Work, Recipes, Class Specific Work and Terminology.)
    2. Paper, Pencil, Black Sharpie (For notes, labeling, calculating)
    3. Non-Skid Work Shoes (Please no high heeled shoes, ballet flats, or open toed shoes for safety reasons. If you are wearing the incorrect shoes, you cannot participate in lab and will result in a zero for the day. Don’t forget your shoes!)
    4. A willingness to learn, help others and keep our kitchen clean and safe.

    Submission of Assignments:

    1. Late work will be docked 10% for every week late. This will continue until the assignment is either handed in or “zeros out”. Arrangements for missing work due to vacation or illness must be made with the Chef to avoid lateness penalty. It is my job to grade/log papers, it’s your job to hand them in a timely fashion. “No Name” papers will be kept one week from submission and then recycled. Please be mindful of your logged grades.
    2. Extra credit will be dispersed throughout the class via tests as deemed appropriate by the Chef. Extra credit can also be gained by working functions during and after school hours. There is no list of makeup assignments.
    3. Exams: Students will be assessed for their knowledge each week. This will be done in a variety of ways (written, projects or presentations)



    Culinary Grading Procedures:

    Labs, tests and Quizzes (Summative) 50%

    Class work, online research projects, planned menus (Formative) 40%

    Employability 10%

    Classroom Behavior/Employability

    1. Be polite and considerate 0f others. Due to the nature of this class, professional behavior is not only expected, it’s mandatory. The throwing of any object/snapping of towels/spraying water at each other/whipping soap/wiping frosting on each other/other horseplay as decided by Chef is grounds for disciplinary action/loss of employability. NO CELLPHONES IN LAB
    2. Be in your seat, Chef-ed up and ready to work when the bell rings.
    3. Follow ALL safety and sanitation expectations
    4. Attendance: I expect you to treat this class as a job. You need to be here to cover your ‘shift’. If you can’t make it, kindly inform the Chef via email or phone call. This will help you maintain your employability points. This class is largely hands on and a sizeable percentage of your grade is based upon your work efforts.
    5. Appropriate dress during Lab: You must ‘Chef Up’ when working with food. This means that you will wear a chef hat, coat, apron and appropriate shoes. Any hair that is collar length or longer will be restrained with a hair tie or hair net under your hat. A chef coat, apron and hat will be issued by the school at no additional charge to be returned at the end of the term. The cleanliness and neatness of the uniform will be a part of the student’s grade. If you fail to return your issued uniform, you can pay for it 1 of 2 ways:
    6. With a full letter grade
    7. Pay for each part: Coat $25 Apron  $5    Hat  $5

     PLEASE hand back your uniform. If you forget part of your uniform (to include your shoes), you cannot participate in lab. Bring your stuff!

    1. If your work is late or zeros out, you will be docked on your employability grade. Part of your responsibility to the lab is your written work.



    Employability Skills- This is a daily 10 point grade given based off of students’ readiness and preparedness to learn. Points will be lost for the following, but is not limited to:

    1. Being unprepared (Not having parts of uniform)
    2. Being disrespectful (Harassing others, misusing the lab, talking during instruction)
    3. Inappropriate Language (Swearing and Racial/Hate speech will not be tolerated)
    4. Tardiness/Absences
    5. Late/Zeroed out Work
    6. Cell Phone Violations




    Labs- Failure to participate in labs will result in zero points for the lab as well as employability points. Labs can be made up from home if pre-approved by Chef. Labs are a large part of our curriculum, so it is crucial to be ready, present and willing to learn.

    You will have 1 week from the date of the assigned lab to resolve it, after that the lab becomes a zero and cannot be made up. Sorry, no exceptions.


    Class Work/Quizzes- Class work will consist of vocabulary, reading and other informative activities to help the student better understand the material being covered. Quizzes will be utilized to help student’s check for understanding. Occasional larger projects/presentations will be assigned. There will be weekly quizzes given to assess student’s comprehension of the week’s lesson. These will be utilized to build our final, so please hang on to these quizzes for your study guides!


    Also: There will be no talking during quizzes/exams/tests. Quizzes are a personal test of your own knowledge, not a group test. Talking during an exam will result in the immediate removal of your test and a zero issued with no further opportunity for a retake.


    Notations on your employability will be visible on your Synergy Student account. Parent/Guardians will be able to see why you were docked employability that day or why you were given extra credit. (So be awesome people! Folks who make the lab shine tend to find an extra “sparkle” on their weekly employability. I LOVE GIVING CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!)


    Thank you for opting to take my Intro to Cooking Class.  I’m genuinely looking forward to sharing my passion for all things culinary with you this semester.  If you are curious or excited about a concept, tell me! I will make sure to highlight that subject so you can squeeze as much as possible out of our time together.