• Spelling Homework


    Students study spelling to learn how to decode words and develop meaning in text that is read.  Proper knowledge of spelling bridges reading and writing to ensure we can communicate with others. Students in 4th grade also learn more about word origin and structure to advance literacy knowledge. 


    You will notice two spelling lists on the “Homework Syllabus”.  Each Monday, I will give students a pretest over the “Bear Spelling List” words for the week.  Based upon your student’s pretest results, I will be able to determine if he/she has mastered the spelling concept for that week. If your student has mastered the concept, your student will be assigned the “Grizzly Spelling List”.  The pretest words will be sent home on Monday, so you can see the spelling words your student needs to focus on when studying at home. If your student is on the “Grizzly Spelling List”, I will place the words “Study Grizzly” at the top of the pretest. 


    As we start our spelling program, I will include papers for your student to write his/her spelling words.  Once your student has learned the proper way to neatly complete the assignments, he/she will transition to notebook paper.  Additionally, when your student consistently demonstrates mastery of the spelling concept based upon the daily/homework assignments and tests, I will allow your student the opportunity to choose spelling activities to complete and turn in for his/her assignment requirements.


    Finally, we will study words (spelling and vocabulary) in class that have the same spelling concept as those on the spelling lists, not necessarily the spelling list words each day. Once we get our technology rolling, we will also use technology to study spelling words and learn the  meaning. However, your student should still study his/her word list at home each evening throughout the week to ensure he/she has mastered the concept and is able to apply this knowledge to other words in the English language.


    Spelling tests will be given on Fridays, or the last day of the school week.  This week, our test will be on Thursday, August 22. 


Last Modified on September 4, 2019