• Redington High School 2019-2020

    US History  Syllabus

    Instructor: Ms. Delia Doss

    Email: delia.doss@matsuk12.us

    Phone: 864-5400

    Course Description:

    “If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.”


    Through our year-long course, we will explore US History from the 19th century through today. The curriculum is designed to focus on U.S. History from Reconstruction to the present. We will focus on developing skills to question and analyze texts of various kinds, empathize and identify the motives of historical individuals, learn about the US’s changing role in the world, and examine the early stages of today’s controversies such as immigration, social inequality and the role of the government.


    Historical perspective will be gained by exploring the themes of: The continual evolution of American political dominance; the continual development of the American economy; the gathering of people and culture from many places; the changing role of the United States in the outside world; the changing character of American society and culture. This course is intended to provide the student with an understanding that history is a record of human experience that links the past to the present and the future.


    Topics of study will include:

    Semester 1:

    • Colonizing America
    • American Revolution
    • Constitution
    • Ferderalists & Republicans
    • Growth and Division
    • Spirit of Reform
    • Civil War
    • Settling of the west
    • Industrialization
    • Becoming a world power
    • WWI
    • Great Depression
    • World in flames

    Semester 2:

    • World War II and the Holocaust
    • The Cold War (the Korean War, , Vietnam War, the atomic age, McCarthyism, etc.)
    • The Civil Rights Movement, Radicalism, Watergate, Middle East, Oil Crises
    • Social unrest in the 1960s
    • Women’s Movement & other struggles for social equality
    • End of Cold War, Globalization, International Terrorism
    • Gulf War and the roots of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan
    • Political, economic and social issues of the 1980s - today


    Textbook: The American Vision (2005) published by Glencoe.

    We will also read excerpts from other primary and secondary source texts.


    Class Materials: Each day, you must bring the following materials to class—

    • Textbook
    • Pencil/Pen
    • Notebook or lined paper in the binder
    • Folder: I will provide


    Grading: Tentatively, your grade will be calculated by this formula—

    Summative Assessments – 70%

    • Tests
    • Quizzes
    • Projects
    • Written Papers


    • Research Papers: Five paragraph Essays
    • Posters
    • Power Points
    • Hands-on Activities

     In Class Formative Assessments: 30%

    • Daily Work
    • Bells
    • Ancillary Assignments
    • Employability Skills: Class Participation, Materials, Attendance

    Multiple teaching models will be used in this class. Lectures, co-operative learning, direct instruction, student discussion, and debate, individual projects, role playing, computer based work, multimedia, whole group instruction, and visual materials will also be used in U.S. History.

    1. Increase your vocabulary and reading skills.
    2. Increase your writing skills. Students will be able to demonstrate 3 and 5 paragraph essay writing.
    3. Increase skills on timed examinations.
    4. Increase organizational and note taking skills.
    5. Understand diversity and opinions of others.
    6. Increase ability to understand the process of doing and presenting research projects.
    7. Participate in group discussions and activities.

    There will occasionally be opportunities for extra credit.

    Please see Ms. Doss for more details if you feel you need extra credit.


    Classroom Guidelines: All students must conduct themselves according to these guidelines:

    • Be on time every day, prepared to do work
    • Follow our Social Contract: Agreement of Behavior
    • Be considerate of the rights, feelings and property of others
    • Remain attentive during class and participate in all assignments
    • Respond promptly to all directions by the teacher
    • Please continue to obey all school rules and regulations (see handbook)


    Daily Procedure: Before class begins, please gather your class materials, sharpen your pencil, use the restroom and be ready to think and work.

    • Sit in your seat every day
    • Have your completed work out on your desk (it can be in the binder still)
    • Begin warm-up assignment independently
    • Homework Policy: You should expect to have homework if you did not finish your in-class assignment or was assigned homework. The purpose of homework is to give opportunities to perfect the skills and knowledge we learned in class. Some homework will also elaborate on what we have learned or prepare you for the next day’s lesson. Because it is so important, homework will be checked every day at the beginning of class. Partially complete assignments will be given partial credit. If the homework is not in class, it cannot be graded and will be given a zero. Late homework will be given up to half credit.
    • In class work should have labeled with your name and the date.


    Assessments: Half of your grade is made up of assessments. Some students get nervous during tests or struggle to write essays, but we will do many different types of assessments to allow us all a chance to demonstrate our learning and get better at assessments. Such assessments will include tests, quizzes, projects, class presentations, essays, research papers and creative writing assignments. Pop Quizzes: There is always the possibility of an open-notes pop quiz, so always have your notes and assignments organized and with you in class. All other assessments will be announced and students will be given time to prepare.


    Absences/Late Work Policy: Things happen and realistically, people will be absent from time to time. Our class follows the school’s policy:

    • It is your responsibility to ask your teachers what you missed and what work you need to make up
    • After an excused absence, you have two days to complete work you missed
    • If you are absent for up to three days in a row, you will have double the time to make up the work
    • If you have an unauthorized absence, see me to receive credit for make-up work.










    Parent/Guardian & Student Contract:

    For parents/guardians: I have read the syllabus for US History II and understand that my student will have to obey these rules, procedures and policies.


    Name (please print): ___________________________


    Signature: _______________________________


    Date: _____________________________

    For students: I have read the syllabus for US History II and understand that I have to obey these rules, procedures and policies.

    Name (please print): ___________________________


    Signature: _______________________________


    Date: _____________________________


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    My email is delia.doss@matsuk12.us  and you can reach me by calling Redington High School 864-5400.


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