• March 18, 2020

    Posted by MELISSA BENSON on 3/20/2020


    Quarter 4

     As we take on this new chapter in learning I appreciate your patience and flexiblity while we all try to figure out how to make this as seamless and nuturing for our children as we can.  As of right now students will be receiving a packet of work to work on at home and will have online access to our google classroom which will have a variety of activites and links to help learning feel as normal as it can for them. I encourage them to work a little each day on LEXIA and to use Teach your monster to read and MOBY Math all of which are accessible through the student page. All the passwords will be in their packet that is coming home. 


    However if you can't find it their user name for


    LEXIA and Moby math are their first and last initial followed by their student id# (ex: jack smith:  js123987)

    Lexia password is:read

    Moby math is : alaska

    you will have to email/text me for Teach your monster.


    There are printable flashcards on my download page for letter names and sight words:)


    If the closure continues I will work to expand our routines to involve activites that allow us to interact with each other. This means that all of us may have to learn new skills and try out new technology.  Please be open minded if it comes to that. We may not succeed the first time, butI am positive that we can make it successful!  Plus it will definately be an adventure!


    I will keep everyone updated as I learn information. I can always be contacted by email or the remind app.


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