Algebra 1

  • All students must keep their notes in their foldables (created in class)

    All students must complete their bells and daily practice assignments in a graph paper composition book. Purchase at Fred Meyer for $1. 


    If you were Absent- click the I was absent link above.

    Using your textbook copy the following into your foldable

    • Copy the objective
    • Copy all example problems
    • Copy all vocabulary words and definitions
    • Copy all "Know it notes" 

    Find out what the practice problems were for that lesson by checking the assignment calendar for the chapter. 

    If you were absent for a review day, check Student Vue to print the review to complete it or complete it on a piece of paper. 

    Email Mrs. McCullugh if you are unsure of anything

Chapter Daily Practice Assignment Lists

  • Below are the Chapter Daily Practice Assignment/Schedule Sheets. These will be passed out at the beginning of each chapter. It includes the problems to be assigned for each lesson, expected quiz and test dates, and a brief calendar view to assist students. These dates may change but within a day or two. If you are absent, please check this. If we did 1.3 the day before you were absent, assume we did whatever comes next on this sheet and come to class ready.