Home Practice Tips

  • Articulation

    Home practice can yield huge gains with generalization! If your child is highly motivated to 'graduate' from Speech, try daily practice for 5-10 minutes. Home practice can be just what they need to reach mastery level (80% accuracy during spontaneous speech) with their sounds.  Here are some ideas for home practice:

    • Read aloud using best speech sounds.
    • Tell a funny story or joke using best speech sounds.
    • Record and watch a short video on an iPad using best speech sounds.
    • Complete mass-practice drills targeting their speech sounds.


    Remember that 5-10 minutes of daily practice is plenty! Let your child know that his/her speech is important to you. Notice when he/she uses great speech. These small things will reinforce their work in Speech group and accelerate their path to 'graduation' from Speech. 
  • Language

    Are you looking for ways to help your child at home with his/her language? Here are some tips for you! 

    1. Avoid baby talk. 
    2. Provide good models with correct grammar. 
    3. Read with your child! Talk about what might happen next in the story (inferencing) or what the characters might do in the story. You can work on pronouns and naming objects while reading. 
    4. Ask questions after reading a story. 
    5. Talk about what steps one needs to do to complete a task (i.e., sequencing, sequential vocabulary, verbs, nouns). 

    There are many more ways you can help your child's language development at home. Reach out to me if you have questions or need some additional help. 

  • Fluency

    Do you have concerns about fluency/stuttering? Try these tips are home. 

    1. Don't interupt your child when he/she is talking. 
    2. Don't rush his/her speech. 
    3. Model smooth, easy speech when necessary. 

    If you begin to notice characteristics such as frequent eye blinks or facial grimacing, please contact me right away.