• Home practice can yield huge gains with generalization! If your child is highly motivated to 'graduate' from Speech, try daily practice for 5-10 minutes. Home practice can be just what they need to reach mastery level (80% accuracy during spontaneous speech) with their sounds.  Here are some ideas for home practice:

    • Read aloud using best speech sounds.
    • Tell a funny story or joke using best speech sounds.
    • Record and watch a short video on an iPad using best speech sounds.
    • Complete mass-practice drills targeting their speech sounds.
    Remember that 5-10 minutes of daily practice is plenty! Let your child know that his/her speech is important to you. Notice when he/she uses great speech. These small things will reinforce their work in Speech group and accelerate their path to 'graduation' from Speech. 
    Here is a site that you can find word lists to practice at home with. 
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