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  • How is "College & Career Readiness" calculated?

    Posted by ANNIE CARRINGTON on 8/6/2019

    "College & Career Readiness" is a category that shows how students are demonstrating responsibility and diligence to their studies. Each week students have the opportunity to earn 15 points. For a student to earn all of their points, they must:

    Behavior (5 points): Avoid earning Notice 2 or SRC

    On-time with materials (5 points): Come to class on time with all their required materials.

    Verbal Participation (5 points): Participate, at minimum, 1 time a week. This may include answering a question, posing a question related to discussion, or adding an on-topic comment to a learning discussion.

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  • Article of the Week

    Posted by ANNIE CARRINGTON on 8/4/2019

    I want to help your child grow into a critical reader. Part of that process is learning to approach texts critically, read and understand them, and then relate them to their own world. Every quarter, we will read 7 articles that circle around a "Big Quarter Question" (BQQ). Every week we will read a new nonfiction article that will help them work their way around that BQQ which will help them write their quarterly essay. We will have a weekly quiz on their assigned article and we will also hold Socratic Seminars discussing the content of their reading. These articles are students' ONLY homework and the culminating project that these articles create are critical to their learning and comprehension. It is imperative that these articles are read thoroughly every week.

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