• 2021-2022 Class Schedule: 

    Period 1 (7:45-8:33): Grade 6 PE

    Period 2 (8:38-9:26): Grade 6 PE

    Period 3 (9:31-10:19): Grade 7 PE

    Period 4 (10:24-11:12): Grade 7 PE

    Period 5 (11:15-12:03): PREP

    LUNCH B (12:05-12:35)

    Period 6 (12:40-1:28): Grade 8 PE

    Period 7 (1:33-2:15): Connections/Advisory


    GOOGLE CLASSROOM - Learning Management System (LMS)

    This year we will be using Google Classroom as our LMS. In Google Classroom your student will find the syllabus, advisory information (school expecations and procedures), make-up forms, and important announcements. It is your students' responsibility to check Google Classroom for announcements, assignments, and make-up forms for missed classes. 

    Google Classroom Codes

    If your student accidently took themselves out of Google Classroom, or needs to enter into THEIR classroom, please use the list below to find the correct period and class code. Parents/Guardians can choose to sign up for Guardian summaries from Google. If you need help doing so, please send me an email. If your student is accidently in the wrong class, please have them uneroll and then add the correct period using the class code.


    Period 1: Grade 6 PE - uwiixgh

    Period 2: Grade 6 PE - ioxydb4

    Period 3 : Grade 7 PE - ssvtgkr

    Period 4: Grade 7 PE - xqs6tn2

    Period 6: Grade 8 PE - mrnvhs5



    Many of your other classes may already have Google Classroom in place, but if you do not know how to access it, or need a reminder, here are the instructions: 

    1. Log into your school district Google account. Other Google accounts will NOT work. This is your initials, followed by your student ID @apps.matsuk12.us (Example: ab123456@apps.matsuk12.us) You then will use your regular student password to log in (the one you use to log on to a chromebook at school). This can be done by going directly to Google Classroom by clicking https://classroom.google.com, or going to google.com, logging in, and then using the “waffle” in the top right hand corner to find Google Classroom
    2. For the first time accessing our PE Google Classroom, please click on the + in the top right hand corner and enter the correct class code listed above for your period (make sure your caps lock is NOT on).