• Fall 2020 Orientation – Apex Returning Students Math_Science_World Language


    PHS Apex Orientation Check Lis- Please use the list to complete your orientation.


    Please read the following pdfs and complete the mini assignments.  After reading each PDF complete the test in the Google Classroom.

     Part 1


    Part 1 explains our mission for the semester, how to contact me, and how to join Remind.


    Assignments: Join Remind.


     Part 2


    Part 2 explains the Cyber Center Classroom rules and expectations. 


    There is no assignment in Part 2.

     Part 3


    Part 3 is signing the contract and agreement. 


    Assignment: Sign your Contract Packet and Agreement Packet, email me a photo of your contract and rules, and place your Agreement Packet in your binder.

    You need to take photos with your cell phone of the first page of your contract (front and back) and attach them to an email.  Address the email to me, randy.smith@matsuk12.us.  Make sure that the subject line contains Course Semester Assignment.  For example, Eng 2 S1 Contract or Civics Contract

    Part 4


    Part 4 explains the three zones, attendance, and the hall pass.


    There are no assignments in Part 4 to submit.

    Part 5


    Part 5 explains the Cyber Center Classroom Policies and Procedures concerning: courses that require you to use Google Doc to complete and submit assignments, LanSchool, printed assignment packets, Red Zone, Red Zone meetings for students and the consequences if a student fails to keep the appointment, and the Red Zone report.  Also, I give you the hour of Operation, the time and days that the Cyber Center Classroom is open and available to you.


    There are no assignments in Part 5 to submit.

     Part 6


    Part 6 explains the due dates, grading, and grades. 


    There are no assignments in Part 6 to submit.

     Part 7


    Part 7 explains the notebook. 


    There are no assignments in Part 7 to submit.

     Part 8


    Part 8 explains the Apex Dashboard. 


    Students learn about the different aspects of the dashboard.  They see an example of an Apex message.  Also, they learn about their progress report. 

    There are no assignments in Part 9 to submit.

    Part 9


    Part 9 explains how students should send a Google Docs assignment to their virtual teacher. 


    Students learn how to copy and paste an assignment into an Apex Message. 

    Assignment: Students copy the Google Docs link of their goals assignment and email it to me using their Apex Message Center. 


    Apex Getting Started

    Log into Apex.  Watch the video and complete the online quiz.  Then download the certificate and email it to Mr. Smith.


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