• Ms. Lockwood's Earth Science Daily Updates


    Hello all, below you will find our daily recap. Thank you for taking the time to stay on track! Love, Ms. Lockwood 


    Wednesday October 16, 2019: Ornament/Alternate Assignment


    Tuesday October 15, 2019: Ornament/Alternate Assignment


    Monday October 14, 2019: Our class was selected to represent Alaska by creating the ornaments for the National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony. This week we will be using class time to complete them - if students are not interested in making an ornament an alternate assignment was assignment. 


    Unit 6


    Friday October 11, 2019: Unit 6 Test


    Thursday October 10, 2019: Unit 6: Notes on Erosion and Deposition (Mass Movement & Glaciers )Assignment 6.4: Glacier Activity


    Wednesday October 9, 2019: Unit 6: Notes on Erosion and Deposition (Water & Wind) 6.3: Watershed Activity


    Tuesday October 8, 2019: Unit 6: Notes of Soil Formation and Assignment 6.2: Soil Lab


    Monday October 7 , 2019: Unit 6: Notes on Weathering and Assignment 6.1: Weathering Worksheet

    Unit 5


    Friday October 5, 2019: Unit 5 Test


    Thursday October 3, 2019: Unit 5: Notes on Volcanic Landforms and Assignment 5.4: Volcanic Landform Dial


    Wednesday October 2, 2019: Unit 5: Notes on Volcanoes and Assignment 5.3: Volcano Foldable


    Tuesday October 1, 2019: Unit 5: Earthquakes and Assignment 5.2: Fault Matchbook Foldable


    Monday September 30, 2019: Unit 5: Notes on Forces that Shape the Earth and Assignment 5.1: Stress Concept Map



    Unit 4


    Friday September 27, 2019: Unit 4 Test. Our Class was chosen to participate in the NPS National Christmas Ornament Showcase in Washington, DC. Today was our second day to work on them.


    Thursday September 26, 2019: Unit 4: Notes on Plate Tech tonics and Assignment 4.4: Cookie Plate Tectonics


    Wednesday September 25, 2019: Unit 4: Notes on Continental Drift and Seafloor Spreading. Student chose between Assignment 4.3a: Sea Floor Spreading Diagram and Assignment 4.4b: Sea-Floor Spreading Article. Our Class was chosen to participate in the NPS National Christmas Ornament Showcase in Washington, DC. Today was our first day to work on them. 


    Tuesday September 24, 2019: Unit 4: Notes on Convection Currents & The Mantle and Assignment 4.2 


    Monday September 23, 2019: Unit 4: Notes on The Earth's Interior and Assignment 4.1: Earth's Layers


    Friday September 20, 2019: Catch Up Day - Students made up missing assignments, quizzes and did test corrections.



    Unit 3


    Thursday September 19, 2019: Unit 3:  Unit 3 Test


    Wednesday September 18, 2019: Unit 3: Classifying Rocks Notes & Starburst Rock Cycle Lab


    Tuesday September 17, 2019: Unit 3: Mineral Formation Notes & Rock Candy Crystal Activity


    Monday September 16, 2019: Unit 3: Properties of Minerals Notes and Assignment 3.2 - Properties of Minerals Lab


    Friday September 13, 2019: Unit 3: Interior of the Earth Notes and Interior of the Earth Assignment (not in packet - please use hyperlink). 


    Thursday September 12, 2019: Unit 3: Students watched and took guided notes (Assignment 3.1) on the Birth of Earth Video. We also took notes regarding the core of the earth. 



    Unit 2


    Wednesday September 11, 2019: Unit 2 Test


    Tuesday September 10, 2019: Unit 2: Topography Lab


    Monday September 9, 2019: Unit 2 Jeopardy & Lab Prep



    Friday September 6, 2019:  Topographical Mapping Assignment. (not in packet - please use hyperlink). 


    Thursday September 5, 2019: Students took notes on Maps & Computers and practices their topographical map making skills through assignment 2.3: Contour Lines.


    Wednesday September 4, 2019: We took notes on models of the Earth and watched a video. Students completed assignment 2.2: Reading and Understanding Maps


    Tuesday September 3, 2019: Students took notes regarding exploring Earth's surface and submitted assignment 2.1: Carve that Mountain



    Unit 1


    Thursday August 29, 2019: MAP TESTING - Myth Busters Extra Credit Video. If absent, please watch this video and submit your answers upon return. 


    Wednesday August 28, 2019: MAP TESTING - Unit 1 Test.


    Tuesday August 27, 2019: MAP TESTING - if in class review Unit 1 and finish packet.


    Monday August 26, 2019: Unit 1 Review Day! Students partook in science station rotations. To review they did a mini lab, practiced graphing, converted numbers, etc. Reminder: Our Unit 1 test is 8/29! *notes quiz 1.3


    Thursday August 22, 2019: Students took notes regarding the basics of graphing in science. We also did an in class graphing activity in our notes packet. Reminder: Unit 1 Test is August 29th, notes packet is also due on Tuesday. 


    Wednesday August 21, 2019: We conducted a lab titled Colorful Observations. *notes quiz 1.2


    Tuesday August 20, 2019: Unit 1: We continued in our notespackets, taking specific notes regarding the SI System. We also completed the discovering density lab in class. *notes quiz 1.1


    Monday August 19, 2019: Unit 1: The Nature of Science was started in class today. Students received a notes packet which contains all of their daily assignments for the upcoming unit. In class we took notes regarding the method of science and made a foldable to help remind ourselves of the scientific method. 


    Friday August 16, 2019: Students completed their bell work (writing about their perfect day) and participated in a group activity titled Lunar Survival. Reminder: A signed syllabus and cell phone contract is due by Aug. 22. 


    Thursday August 15, 2019: Students were taught a variety of class wide expectations and procedures. In class students completed an assignment titled 'Who am I'