• Ms. Lockwood's Physical Science Daily Updates


    Hello all, below you will find our daily recap. Thank you for taking the time to stay on track! Love, Ms. Lockwood


    Wednesday October 16, 2019: Radioactive Decay Candy Activity


    Tuesday October 15, 2019: Understanding Radioactive Decay Activity


    Monday October 14, 2019: Radioactive Decay Notes and Video.


    Unit 6


    Friday October 11, 2019: Unit 6 Test


    Thursday October 10, 2019: Assignment 6.4: Thermal Energy Lab: Ice Cube Houses


    Wednesday October 9, 2019: Unit 6: Notes on Using Heat and Assignment 6.3: Heating Your Home


    Tuesday October 8, 2019: Unit 6: Notes of Transferring Thermal Energy and Assignment 6.2: Methods of Heat Transfer


    Monday October 7 , 2019: Unit 6: Notes on Temperature and Heat and Assignment 6.1: Thermal Energy Lab - Ice, Ice, Baby


    Unit 5


    Friday October 4, 2019: Unit 5 Test


    Thursday October 3, 2019: Assignment 5.4: Acid and Bases Review Activity and Assignment 5.5: Will this leave a sour taste?


    Wednesday October 2, 2019: Unit 5: Notes on Strength of Acids and Bases and Assignment 5.3: Acid and Bases PH Lab


    Tuesday October 1, 2019: Unit 5: Notes on Acids, Bases and Salts and Assignment 5.2: Saturated Solutions Lab


    Monday September 30, 2019: Unit 5: Notes on Solutions, Solubility and Concentrates and Assignment 5.1: Dissolving Rates of Salt Water Solutions Lab


    Unit 4


    Friday September 27, 2019: Unit 4 Test


    Thursday September 26, 2019: Unit 4: Notes on Chemical RXNS - Types, Rates and Energy and Assignment 4.5: Chemical Reactions Station Lab via Video


    Wednesday September 25, 2019: Unit 4: Notes on Balancing Chemical Equations and Assignment 4.4: Balancing Equation Practice


    Tuesday September 24, 2019: Unit 4: Notes on Chemical Reactions and Assignment 4.3: Speeding Up a Chemical Reaction Lab


    Monday September 23, 2019: Unit 4: Notes on Writing Chemical Formulas & Naming Compounds and Assignment 4.2: Naming Chemical Compounds


    Friday September 20, 2019: Unit 4: Notes on Types of Chemical Bonds and Assignment 4.1: Chemical Bonding


    Unit 3



    Thursday September 19, 2019: Unit 3: Unit 3 Test


    Wednesday September 18, 2019: Unit 3: Metals, Nonmetals & Metalloids Notes and Activity 3.4 - Metals, Nonmetals & Metalloids


    Tuesday September 17, 2019: Unit 3: Crunchinumium Lab


    Monday September 16, 2019: Unit 3: Periodic Table Notes, Lewis Dot Structure Worksheet (Not in Packet) and Activity 3.3 -A Periodic Table of Candy


    Friday September 13, 2019: Unit 3: Masses of Atoms Notes and Activity 3.2 - Penny Isotope Lab


    Thursday September 12, 2019: Unit 3: Atomic Structure Notes and Activity 3.1 - Atomic Structure Worksheet.



    Unit 2


    Wednesday September 11, 2019: Unit 2 Test


    Tuesday September 10, 2019: Unit 2: Ice Cream Lab.


    Monday September 9, 2019: Unit 2: We took notes regarding states of matter and the changing of the states. Assignment 2.4 was done in class.


    Friday September 6, 2019: Unit 2: Students took notes regarding describing matter, we also did assignment 2.3: identifying physical and chemical changes. 


    Thursday September 5, 2019: Unit 2: Element, Mixture, Compound Lab.


    Wednesday September 4, 2019: Unit 2:  Students took notes on the differing types of matter, we watched a video explaining the differences and did assignment 2.2: Mixture Mart.


    Tuesday September 3, 2019: Unit 2: Students took notes on the composition of matter, it was paired with assignment 2.1 Types of Matter.



    Unit 1


    Thursday August 29, 2019: MAP TESTING - Myth Busters Extra Credit Video. If absent - Please watch this Myth Busters Video and submit your answers upon return.


    Wednesday August 28, 2019: MAP TESTING - Unit 1 Test


    Tuesday August 27, 2019: MAP TESTING - if in class finish Unit 1 packet. 


    Monday August 26, 2019: Unit 1 Review Day! Students partook in a science station rotation. They reviewed Unit one by doing a mini lab, converting numbers, answering review questions, etc. At the end of class today their notespackets should be complete. Reminder: Our Unit Test is 8/28! *notes quiz 1.3 If Absent: Please come before school, after school or during lunch to make up the science stations.


    Thursday August 22, 2019: Unit 1: Student took notes on the basics of graphing in science. We did an in class assignment of graphing, completed in their notes packet. Reminder: Unit Test is on August 28th, Unit 1 notes packet is due as well. 


    Wednesday August 21, 2019: Unit 1: We conducted an experiment titled Colorful Observations. *notes quiz 1.2


    Tuesday August 20, 2019: Unit 1: We continued in our notespacket, taking specific notes on the SI units. We completed the discovering density lab in class. *notes quiz 1.1


    Monday August 19, 2019: Unit 1: The Nature of Science was started in class today. Students received a notes packet which contains all of their daily assignments for the upcoming unit. In class we took notes regarding the method of science and made a foldable to help remind ourselves for the scientific method. 


    Friday August 16, 2019: Students completed their bell work (writing about their perfect day) and partook in a group activity titled Lunar Survival. Reminder: A sign syllabus and cell phone contract is due by Aug. 22. 


    Thursday August 15, 2019: Students were taught a variety of class wide procedures and expectations. In class, students completed an assignment titled 'Who am I'