• What do I need for class?

    • scientific calculator (must have LOG key; if planning to go to algebra 2, invest in TI-84 CE)
    • 3-ring binder with lined paper, graph paper, and dividers. The notebook should be divided into the following sections: notes, warm-ups, assignments, assessments
    • something to write with (pen/pencil). If using pen, please have whiteout
    • highlighter to highlight where questions are or to highlight notes
    • erasable pens or colored pencils for graphing
    • textbook



       Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Friday
     9/2-9/6  NO SCHOOL!      
    8/26-8/30       NO SCHOOL!
    8/19-8/23       NO SCHOOL!
     8/15-8/16 NO SCHOOL! NO SCHOOL! Go over syllabus, Why algebra is important