Welcome to chemistry! This is a challenging class that goes in-depth in science and mathematics. Many colleges expect students to take chemistry in high school. Students may become frustrated as this may be the first class they struggle with. Please know that my door is always open and students can reach me before or after school. I am easily reached through email. Students may want to find other students in the class they can communicate with after school for help. There are also great tutorials on the internet. I am available most days in the mornings from 7:00-7:30 and after school from 2:30-3:30. Please communicate with me if you would like additional help. Students can also get help during advisory and there are student tutors available during lunch.
    Students are expected to take notes in class. If a students needs notes for reviewing, I have all my PowerPoint presentations in a separate tab. 
       Monday  2nd Day 3rd Day   Friday
    3/23 Ideal Gas Law. HW: wkst  Gases Everywhere Lab  Partial Pressure notes. HW: wkst  finish gas notes - gas stoichiometry. HW: gas law problems
    3/2-3/6 *Extra Credit moles due* Boyles Law notes and demos Charles Law notes and demos. HW: Boyles & Charles wkst Gay-Lussac & Avogadro & Combined Gas Law notes and demos. HW: wkst  
    2/24-2/28 Advanced Stoich test Production of sodium carbonate lab Gas intro notes. HW: gas conversion wkst  Pop rocks fun lab! NO HW
    2/17-2/21 NO SCHOOL NO SCHOOL/ SNOW DAY test review (45 minute classes) test review (35 minute classes)
    2/10-2/14 wkst on limiting/excess reactants Notes on % yield (sub) wkst on & yield (sub) more practice
    2/3-2/7 Test Review Stoichiometry Exam Types of reactions plus demos. HW: types plus balancing  Notes on limiting/excess reactants
    1/27-1/31 Balancing Equations. HW: worksheet Mole Ratios Speed dating the whole unit (assembly schedule) Stoichiometry ratio wkst
    1/20-1/24 NO SCHOOL FORMAL LAB % composition of gum (due day 2)  Empirical Formula and molecular formula notes  Worksheet: Empiricial and molecular formula
     1/13-1/17 (check on crystals). Molar mass mini lab  Speed Dating. HW: mole calculations wkst  QUIZ! % Composition mini lab  % composition notes. HW: wkst
    1/6-1/10  Discuss extra credit. New seats. Molar mass notes Day 1 crystal lab; Notes on grams - moles Day 2 crystal lab (lab due Friday); Notes on moles - particles. Grams to particle notes.
    12/16-12/20 Review for final FINAL EXAM FINAL EXAM NO SCHOOL
    12/9-12/13 Speed Dating and test review Study Hall

    Chemical Bonding Exam

    review for final
    12/2-12/6 Start notes on lewis structures. HW: lab due tomorrow Notes on Lewis Structures. HW: Lewis compounds Notes on polarity. HW: Lewis structures and polarity Notes on ionic bonds and hydrogen bonds
    11/25-11/29 Lab. Formal Lab due on day 2. Lab. Formal Lab due on day 2. NO SCHOOL NO SCHOOL
    11/18-11/22 Nomenclature notes: acids. HW: wkst review day Nomenclature small exam. Start notes on bonding Continue notes on bonding. Pre Lab
    11/11-11/15 NO SCHOOL Nomenclature notes + kahoot: ionic compounds Nomenclature practice (covalent and ionic). HW: ionic wkst (sub) Study Hall. Watch radioactive wolves of Cherynobyl
    11/4-11/8 Electron Config Review Electron Config Exam Nomenclature notes + kahoot: Covalent Compounds. HW: wkst  Nomenclaute notes: ions. HW: wkst
    10/28-11/1 (Thurs schedule) Carve Pumpkins Flaming and Exploding Pumpins! NO SCHOOL NO SCHOOL
    10/21-10/25 Exceptions & Isoelectric. HW: wkst  Discuss pumpkins next week. Electron Config speed dating  Periodic trend notes and clip  Periodic Trend Speed Dating. HW: trend wkst
    10/14-10/18 Introduce electron configs. Substitute! Electron configs and abbreviated. HW: wkst Orbital notation
    10/7-10/10 test review Unit 2 test Notes on electron emissions line emission spectrum activity
    9/30-10/4 QUIZ on elements 1-36+. Notes on isotopes and atomic mass. HW: atomic mass Candium Lab. White Board questions. HW: finish? Notes on ionic charge and formula (lots) Speed dating p/n/e.  HW: ionic compound wkst
    9/23-9/27 History of atom. Discuss quiz (next Monday). No HW Finish atom history. Start periodic table components. No HW. Finish periodic table components. Start particle notes. HW: PT scavenget hunt Kahoot review! Finish particle notes. HW: counting subatomic particles
    9/16-9/20 math on specific heat (thermodynamics). HW: finish wkst Specific Heat Lab (due Friday) Specific Heat Lab (due Friday) Lab due today. Review the structure of the atom.
    9/9-9/13 Unit 1 test  Matter review. HW: physical/chemical wkst  Go over exams; new seats; evidence of chemical change demos; notes on specific heat. HW: none! (assembly) Specific Heat review
     9/3-9/7  NO SCHOOL Significant Figures. HW: Sig fig wkst Density and % Error Lab Unit 1 test review
     8/27-8/31 Dimensional Analysis. HW: dimensional wkst Check out textbooks; Accuracy Precision and % Error. HW: % error wkst Go over lab equipment, correct HW, Belize. NO homework!  NO SCHOOL
     8/20-8/24 Science Wars clip, show website, show classroom, calculator skills. HW: calculator wkst Metric, temp, sci notation conversions. HW: metric & temp wkst Dimensional Analysis. HW: none!  NO SCHOOL
    8/16-8/17 NO SCHOOL NO SCHOOL Welcome! Scavenger hunt (assembly) Syllabus, Lab safety clip