Colony's events are designated as 4A on the schedule.

    Packing Recommendations:

    Uniform, compression clothing/sleeves (if used), running shoes, race spikes, warm ups, sun hat, sun screen, water bottle, change of clothes for non-meet times, swim trunks, personal hygiene items, warm clothing, and snacks.  The meet will last two FULL days, plus our travel day to Soldotna/Kenai.  Bring money for Thursday's lunch, Friday's lunch, and Saturday's lunch and dinner (Fred Meyer).  

    Overnight Accomodations:

    We will be staying at the Aspen Hotel in Soldotna Thursday and Friday night.  The total cost will be $85/student ($60 room + $25 for Thurs and Fri dinners).   Everyone will TURN IN THEIR ELECTRONIC DEVICES to their respective coaches (Yoder, Boleen, Miles, Richardson, or Thaler) by 10 pm Thursday and Friday nights.   If there is an important message you need to receive, give our number to your parents, and we will pass the message on at the appropriate time. You may receive your phone back in the morning during breakfast.  The athletes will be in their own rooms by 10 pm and lights will be out by 10:30 pm.  The coaches/chaperones will be making room checks at various times.  

    We will NOT go to Kenai High School after our afternoon bus ride Thursday.  To accommodate as many tests as possible, we will leave the Valley later and head to the hotel.     


    We will purchase dinner from "Dinner's Ready" for Thursday and Friday.  The cost is $25 for two nights. In addition to the dinner and hotel money, you will need some money for Friday and Saturday lunches, plus dinner for the trip home Saturday.  A continental breakfast is served each morning at the hotel.  


    Please bring $85, either in cash, or a check written out to Colony HS prior to boarding the bus on Thursday.  This will cover your room and your dinners for Thursday and Friday.  


    1:10 pm  Gather in the CHS Commons.  Give your food/hotel money to the coaches.  Board the bus.

    1:20 pm Depart CHS

    1:30 pm Pick up CTHS students

    1:40 pm Depart CTHS

    2:40 pm Stop at Huffman Carrs.  

    3:15 pm  Depart Carrs and head to Soldtona

    There will be one or two stops along the way.

    6:00 pm  Go to hotel and check in.

    6:30 pm  Dinner is served!!

    7:30 pm  Team meeting in hotel dining room area

    10:00 pm  Electronic devices turned in and curfew begins

    10:30 pm  Lights out.  Good night.

    Friday:  See meet schedule

    Saturday:  See meet schedule.  Check out of hotel in AM

    Approximately 5-5:30 pm Depart Soldtona

    Stop at Soldotna Fred Meyers for food.

     Approxiimately 9:30 pm arrive at CHS. 


Last Modified on May 17, 2022