• Welcome to the 8th Grade 2020 Volleyball Season 


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    Hello Everyone! 


    2020 has been a crazy year! We are excited to be allowed to be back in the gym. At this time we are hosting intramural Volleyball for the 2021 Season. (This of course could change). The good news is that we get to practice and build our skill! There are no tryouts at this time. 

    In order to partcipate students must have a current physical, RT 11 ( Covid Form), Registered on Planet HS and Activities Fee. (fee reduced by 50% at this time for ALL participants).


    Season Start Date: Usually we start the first day back in January. Due to the continued changes we are looking at starting Monday, January 11, 2020. Please listen for announcements!

    Time: 2:30-4:00

    Location: PJMS Large Gym

    Dress: Must be in active wear clothing and gym shoes. All jewelry should be removed and hair should be tied up. You must also have a pair of knee pads (style is up to preference).

    Grades: Student-Athletes will have grade checks on a weekly basis. Students with F's will be ineligible. 

    Absences: If a Student-Athlete is going to be absent they must be pre-arranged or excused. Unexcused absences means that student is not allowed to practice or particpate in the game that day. 


    Remind App: @pjms8t


    Contact: Robin Cunningham (8th Grade Coach)

Last Modified on January 3, 2021