• Colony Middle School Staff Commitment Statements



    I will give my best each day! I will create strong relationships and a caring, safe environment in which my students will take risks, give their best effort, and grow. – Kris Reisland

    I will be a positive influence on others. I will encourage students to improve, learn and grow. I will be passionate about teaching students to be creative, inquisitive and to do their best work. I will be supportive of their efforts. Ultimately, I want my students to be productive, positive members of society. – Dan Miles

    My focus will be on being mindful, living in the present. I will trust and empower students through freedom and choice. I will honor my time and that of others. – Erin Pilgreen

    I will be genuine and honest with my students. I will try my best to instill a love of mathematics and learning. – David Tollerud

    I will smile every day and rejoice in the shining moments of my students. – Kelley Geagel

    I will be committed to the cause – learning, teaching, asking questions, problem solving and will stretch my abilities to bring my best to CMS, respecting those who I work for and with. – Tom Hull

    I will be an example of hard work and discipline to those placed under my tutelage. – Levi Fischer

    I will strive to always show genuine love, compassion, fairness and integrity to each individual and in each day. – Melissa Riese

    I will build connections with students and staff. I will encourage students to do their best to learn and grow. – Mary Cuzzocreo

    I will do my best for the kids, staff and school. I will be the voice for the ones that cannot speak and for the ones that can. – Karen Reimann

    I will take one moment at a time. One day at a time, as our Creator guides me and blesses me to be a blessing. – Eugene Parson

    I will do my best to provide my students with the tools they need to overcome their unique challenges to be as productive, involved and independent as possible. – Matthew Lindquist

    I will strive to provide a positive, safe learning environment for all students. I will foster educational excellence and support the whole child. – Kristy Smith

    Every day I will strive to give my best effort in everything I do. I will advocate, first and foremost, for the needs of students. I will be positive-minded and solution-oriented. I will help, support and encourage students, parents and colleagues in any manner that I can. – Selena Fischer

    I will strive to put my best self forward and be a positive role model who encourages and helps the students I work with to be the best they can be. – Rachel Fia

    I will commit to showing more school spirit. I will support the students and my coworkers. I will give new ideas. I will embrace what life is throwing my way, good and bad. And I will commit to making myself a stronger, healthier, happier, and faithful me. – Jenny Deeder

    I will make my classroom a safe space to learn, grow and make mistakes. I will remind students that their experiences and their education are important to me and to this school. I will be a supportive team member and will help my students remember to SMILE! – Kaite Carrington

    I will connect with my students by being real, being patient and sometimes being “Batman”. I will show everyone forgiveness, teach that mistakes are part of learning, show students the adventure in everyday life and inspire them to explore our amazing world! – Nada Boyer

    I will treat all people with respect at all times. I will model being positive and solution centered. I look for the good in people and situations. I will tell the worst jokes ever. I will strive to meet my students where they are, and help them go higher! – Rex Talcott

    This year I will focus on being the most genuine version of myself, as a teacher and as a human being. I will choose joy and gratitude. I will be kind and give grace to myself and others. I will give my best to my students while still maintaining a healthy and realistic balance in my professional and personal life. I will move forward. – Mary Rockey

    I will remember that, after 21 years, I am lucky to be a teacher; that this job is a blessing, not a burden and I work with some of the best people I know. – Steve Young

    I will balance my role as teacher, student, mother and wife to assure that everyone I come in contact with gets the support and love they need in order to be happy, healthy and to reach their goals. – Dannielle Chyko

    I will provide positive support, find strength and solutions and make good things happen. – Gwyn Foster

    I will serve my students and parents positively with integrity. I will support my colleagues every day. – Scott Olsen

    I will commit to letting my positive morals, values, and ethics radiate through to students so they have an example to follow. – Brittany Mach

    I will open doors so that all students have opportunities for success in school and life. “A very little key can open a very big door.” – Tyler Gilligan

    I will realize that what I teach is less important than how I live, so I choose to teach with passion, love unconditionally and be a positive beacon of light to all. – Shawn Gilland

    I will strive to make my room a warm and welcoming environment for you. I believe in treating all with respect and kindness; and to be successful you must feel safe to take risks and grow. (You can do that with me.) I will do my best to embody all these traits because I know my influence will shape your future; and I want your future to be bright. – Mandy Camargo

    I will encourage my students to uncover their artistic potential through risk taking and daring to fail greatly. – Vanessa Powell

    I will take risks in growing my teaching. I will serve as a voice and advocate for my students and their families. – Aleshia Kirchner

    I will come in each day with a positive attitude. I want to be an example to students that their past doesn’t define their future. – Shane Seltzer

    I will strive to make positive connections with each student – to truly know them and how they learn. I will encourage each student to believe in themselves, and know that any goal they set, or dream they have, can be accomplished with hard work and a growth mindset. Students will know their biggest cheerleader can be found in me. – Amber Bright

    I will try my best to teach my students to enjoy being active and encourage them to participate in activities that are challenging. I will instill the importance of movement on their overall physical and mental health. – Rainy Bass

    I will try to be consistent in what I provide to others, while keeping an open mind to new ideas. – Toby Lambert

    I will lead by example, live my truth, and let love drive my choices. I will choose kindness and joy, be present and mindful, cultivate meaningful relationships and be intentional with my ability to make a positive difference in the lives of others. – Chris Hebert

    I will start each day with a smile and be happy, positive and encouraging to help each student live up to their full potential. – Meg Arneson

    I will work to empower students by giving them more agency in the classroom and building a mutual trust between myself and others. – Caitlin Buxbaum

    I will be my best me. I will be kind, be present, be focused, be ready and have fun. – Kristina Booth

    I will interact with students in a positive, patient, and proactive manner that prepares them to be positive, culturally literate citizens. – Dorothy Hrncir

    I will bring my best self to work each day and strive to create positive relationships with all staff and students. – Barb Kysar

    I will be patient, kind, and respectful every day. I will take the time to listen to and support all students at all times. Remember, today is a great day for a great day. – Lindsey Harger

    I will commit to bring my “best self” every day to the staff and students of CMS. I pledge to support and serve CMS by being encouraging, inspiring, and supportive in all my interactions. – Julie Schultz

    I will bring a positive, energetic & efficient attitude to everything I do and focus on skills that students can use for the rest of their lives. – Terry Clayton

    I will work to make a positive impact on all of the CMS family every day. I will strive to inspire every person I come in contact with. I will care for every student and strive to build real, positive relationships. – Matt Clark

    I will empower my students to become informed citizens. I will connect my students to the world. I will give 100% every day. – Ben Wargo

    I will make connections with each and every one of my students so that they know that at least one adult is in their corner. I plan on being a champ for my students. – Lance Petrie


    I will provide the opportunity for our students to have more choice and responsibility through our time together. I will support their strengths and encourage them through weaknesses they may face, so we can all grow to the best versions of ourselves and support each other. – Jennifer Neal

    Every day is a new day. Each day is a new chance to shine. I believe in supporting others and spreading happiness, giving opportunities and valued time. I will listen, be respectful and be the most supportive team member I can be to make CMS a better place for all. – Kim Howell

    I will make students, staff, parents and myself a priority. I will stop, listen and breathe; making myself be the best, respectful, reliable, positive me that I can be. – Hannah Thompson

    I will create a safe, positive environment that fosters a joy of learning. I will support my students to become the responsible; self-aware; best versions of themselves, I will be an example of fun and kindness to all around me showing parents, students and colleagues a living model of respect. I will teach that mistakes are okay, risks bring rewards and personal authenticity is inspiring. – Sacha Pettitt

    I will motivate my students to be the best versions of themselves by supporting them through their successes and struggles. – Colleen Walker

    I will approach each new day with energy, passion and a smile. I will help each student discover their strengths and talents and help them reach their full potential with guidance, patience and encouragement. I will be our students’ biggest cheerleader in all of their endeavors, big and small and celebrate in their successes. I will make every day count! – Brenda Kennedy

    I will with purpose and passion ignite a spark in each student I work with I will encourage and listen to their personal goals and dreams. I will encourage them to enhance their natural talents. I will use my life long goals, knowledge and resources to support our students in achieving their daily, weekly, monthly and life time goals and dreams. I will encourage them when they are feeling discouraged so in turn they will pass this on to others around them. – Tami Eckel

    I will concentrate my efforts on empowering my students and providing them with the tools and confidence to advocate for themselves and be as independent as they can in their learning. I will also work on collaborating more with teachers this year and improve my role as a team member in educating the students on my caseload. – Jesse Smith

    “I will greet students, staff and parents with a smile. I will do my best to find solutions and support others.” - Kaye Hessinger


    “I will be helpful, friendly, positive and supportive and greet everyone with a smile.  I will speak positive and encouraging words to staff, students and parents.” – Teri Hone