• Mrs. Moore’s Classroom Rules and Procedures - 

    Our School’s Guidelines for Success are as follows:

    I will RESPECT myself and others.

    I will come to school PREPARED to learn.

    I will be RESPONSIBLE for my actions.

    I will have the COURAGE to do my best today. 

    As a school we follow these guidelines building wide, and all the staff use these words when speaking with students about how well they are doing and also when they need a reminder about their behaviors and/or actions. 

    Within our classroom, students hold each other accountable with the creation of a classroom social contract (agreement of behavior).  Individual classes create their own contracts, which students can then reference to “self – manage” their behavior.  We create our contracts by answering the following questions:

    How do you want to be treated by me (the teacher)?

    How do you want to be treated by others? (student to student)

    How do you think I (the teacher) want to be treated by you?

    How do you want to treat each other when there is conflict?

    When students are not following their social contract, the following is the progression of consequences within the classroom:

    1. Verbal warning and redirect
    2. Verbal waring and statement that if the behavior continues, he/she will be choosing a consequence.
    3. Time-out
    4. Call home and/or sent to principal

    These guidelines and are based on my belief that on one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, and or well – being of others.  If you have any questions or concerns about this, please do not hesitate to contact me.