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    2022 Girls Basketball Information 

    Girls Basketball


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    2022 Larson 4th and 5th Grade Girls Basketball Schedule

    Please view the schedule of our scrimmages and practices. Parents are responsible for their player’s transportation to and from scrimmages. Your child may not travel with anyone that is not on her regular pickup list . You may go on School Dismissal, or talk to the office, to add people to your child’s pickup list.

    Scrimmages start when both teams are present at the school (usually about 4:15-4:30) and end around 5:15. Please call me at 352-2333 if you have any questions. Or email me at diane.cronk@matsuk12.us.

               Our scrimmages against other schools are meant as a learning experience for the players. More like a practice, than a game. We do not keep score and we will frequently stop the scrimmage to coach. We also do not “tightly” referee our scrimmages. Our emphasis in elementary school basketball is on learning how to play the game and on displaying good sportsmanship.


    Larson 2022 Girls’ Basketball Schedule

    October 10:        Practice

    October 12:        Shaw @ Larson

    October  17:       No Practice and No Scrimmage

    October 18:        Larson @ Pioneer Peak

    October 19:        Iditarod @ Larson

    October 24:        Practice

    October 26:        Tanaina @ Larson

    October 27:         Larson @ Finger Lake

    October 31:         Parent/Teacher Conferences-No basketball

    November 1:      Larson @ Shaw

    November 2:      Practice

    November 7:      Larson @ Iditarod

    November 9:      Pioneer Peak @ Larson- Last day for 4th Grade

    November 14:    5th Grade Practice Only

    November 15:    5th Grade Larson @ Machetanz

    November 16:    5th Grade Practice

    November 19:    5th Grade Jamboree *More information to follow*



Last Modified on October 10, 2022