• Our classroom is a safe and respectful space.  The placement of furniture was intentional to maximize student space and provide plenty of movement opportunities as first graders are young and need to move.  Students choose where they sit in the classroom for each activity as this aids them in learning about self-control, self-awareness and positive problem-solving skills.


    I am a firm believer in noticing what behaviors I want to see.  As a class we are working on phrasing rules and expectations into what we want to do (for example, use your walking feet rather than no running).


    As a class, we all came up with and agreed to three rules.

    1. Be safe
    2. Be respectful
    3. Follow directions the first time


    Our guidelines for success at Big Lake Elementary are:

    B- Be safe

    E - Expect excellence

    A - Arrive on time

    R - Respect others

    S - Show kindness