If you feel inclined, please consider donating some items below to our classroom. The students and I will greatly appreciate it!


    Dry Snacks- I give the students snack time each day. If students do not bring a snack, I like to try to give them a small handful of pretzels, fruit snacks, animal crackers, goldfish etc. 


    School Supplies- During our learning, we go through many of our supplies. Extra pencils, sticky notes, cardstock, expo-markers, and highlighters are always welcome and WILL be used. 


    Amazon- Click here for a link to my classroom's Amazon Wishlist!

    On this list, you will find STEM materials and books, as well as Growth Mindset and Social-Emotional Learning books. All of these materials will be used for instructional purposes within our classroom to promote critical real-world thinking through STEM challenges, as well as Growth Mindset and SEL books to help teach citizenship skills through relateable scenarios for the students.