• Homework expectations each night will include:

    -Spelling practice for weekly words

    -Reading (either to self or with a family member) 

    If there is any unfinished classwork, this will be sent home as homework as well.


    Spelling lists will be sent home each Monday and are due back to school Friday. Students will have activities to accompany these lists. Students are expected to practice their spelling at home by completing the activities. We will have spelling tests each Friday over the words studied during the week. 


    Monday Mailbags

    Every Monday, your student will come home with their Monday Mailbag.

    Mailbags are due back to me by the last day of each week with a parent/guardian signature.

    This envelope will hold important papers needed to be sent home from the school and your student’s graded work from the past week.

    On the front of the mailbag will be a paper that includes a space for the date, your signature, and a place for any comments. Families are more than welcome to write me a note in this space.