• Students are held to high expectations in regards to both behavior and academics. We discuss and practice these expectations frequently. Our classroom follows the following expectations:


    1. Be Respectful

    2. Be Honest

    3. Be Kind

    4. Use Your Manners

    5. Be a Hard Worker

    6. Be the Best Person You Can Be


    All students are expected to follow the rules stated above. If a student breaks one of these rules, then there will be a consequence given by me within the classroom. If the student continues breaking the same rule or is having bigger behavior issues in class, the student and I will contact home to help create a plan for success together. If the behavior continues, office administration will be notified.


    Below you will find the mindset behind my classroom management. As 5th graders are growing to become more independent thinkers, I encourage the students to take charge of their learning and advocate for themselves. I ask students to be problem solvers both in their academics and behaviors. If a student is being disruptive to the learning environment and causing a problem, I will ask them to solve it. If they can not/will not solve the problem, then I will intervene to solve the problem for them. If the student feels that the consequence is unfair, they are able to tell me "I'm not sure that's fair" and the student and I will talk about the situation during a non-instruction time.


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