28 Students, 5 Teachers, 1 Parent, and 11 amazing days!

  • During the Spring Break of 2018, Mrs. Roberts and myself, along with 3 amazing teachers, led 28 students to the beautiful country of Ecuador. During our trip we explored a sustainable farm in the cloud rainforest and balanced an egg on the equator. We then traveled past 13,000 feet above sea level where we were able to do some physical work. We joined up with leaders from the global organization Me to We to help build part of a school for a small community in the Andes mountains. The students also experienced the work that local business women go through to earn a living. Students were taught how to shear a sheep, clean wool, and make it into clothing or other sellable items.  Our students learned so much about the lives of the Quechua people. Our final work in the Andes was to go with a couple of the women we met and help do some of their daily tasks. We were welcomed into their homes to see how they live and were able to help tend to their gardens. After our experience way up in the Andes, we took a couple of days to explore the amazing Galapagos Islands, home of the Giant Tortoise. So many memories, but more importantly, so much growth in our students. They changed, they grew, and they gained. Life long skills and experiences that will forever alter their viewpoint of the world. Please enjoy the slide show; a small glimpse of our amazing adventure. If you are interested in exploring the world, while making a difference in someone else's life, please check out our latest service learning trip.