• Thursday, 8/16

    Welcome back survey


    The 5 Bs


    Friday, 8/19

    Seating chart

    Fire drill practice

    Turn in Welcome back Paper

    Ms Word Search

    Me Cards


    Monday, 8/20

    Me Cards

    Social Contracts


    Tuesday, 8/21

    Me Cards

    Social Contracts

    Personal Elements


    Wednesday, 8/22

    Personal Elements


    Thursday, 8/22

    Complete Personal Elements


    Monday, 8/27

    Indirect observation Lab


    Tuesday, 8/28

    Science Safety Scavenger Hunt


    Thursday, 8/30


    Commitment Statement


    Thursday, 9/6

    Metric conversion

    Experimental Variables

    Inertia - Cup Towers


    Friday, 9/7

    Metric conversion

    Experimental Variables

    Inertia - Cup Towers


    Monday, 9/10

    Liquid Mass Lab


    Tuesday, 9/11

    Turn in Liquid Mass Lab

    Kaboom video


    Wednesday, 9/12

    Volume Lab


    Thursday, 9/13

    Complete and turn in Volume Lab


    Friday, 9/14

    Digital Friday!


    Monday, 9/17

    Mass, Density and Volume Foldable

    Density practice


    Tuesday, 9/18

    Complete Density practice

    Film Notes - Kaboom!

    Turn in Density Practice Paper


    Wednesday, 9/19

    Begin Density Labs - Rods


    Thursday, 9/20

    Density Labs - Cubes


    Friday, 9/21

    Density Labs - Water


    Monday, 9/24

    Density Column


    Tuesday, 9/25

    States and changes of matter notes


    Wednesday, 9/26


    States and changes of matter diagram


    Thursday, 9/27

    States and changes of matter diagram

    Reading a thermometer practice


    Friday, 9/28

    Digital Friday!


    Monday, 10/1

    Thermometer Practice

    Temperature Conversions


    Tuesday, 10/2

    Molecular Motion Lab


    Wednesday, 10/3

    Turn in Molecular Motion Lab

    Temperature unit


    Thursday, 10/4

    States and Changes of matter Quiz


    Friday, 10/5

    Changes in State Art


    Monday, 10/8

    A Hot Hand - Temperature Probes


    Tuesday, 10/9

    Temperature Test the school - Temperature Probes


    Tuesday, 10/16

    Classifying Matter Notes


    Wednesday, 10/17

    Begin Classifying Matter Task Cards


    Thursday, 10/18

    Continue Classifying Matter Task Cards

    Film Notes - Fireworks


    Friday, 10/19

    Complete Classifying Matter Task Cards

    Complete Film Notes - Fireworks


    Monday, 10/22

    Chemical and Physical Changes Lab


    Tuesday, 10/23

    Chemical and Physical Changes Lab


    Wednesday, 10/24

    Complete Chemical and Physical Changes Lab


    Thursday, 10/25

    Test preparation


    Friday, 10/26

    Digital Friday!


    Monday, 10/29

    Test preparation


    Tuesday, 10/30

    Matter Test


    Wednesday, 10/31


    Monday, 11/5

    Short video - The First Periodic Table

    First Periodic Table Paper


    Tuesday, 11/6

    Notes on periodic table

    Atomic Math Challenge


    Wednesday, 11/7

    Complete Atomic Math Challenge

    Begin Groups of the Periodic Table


    Thursday, 11/8

    Continue working on Groups of the Periodic Table


    Friday, 11/9

    Complete the Groups of the Periodic Table Packet and Periodic Tables


    Monday, 11/12

    No School


    Tuesday, 11/13

    Periodic Table Basics


    Wednesday, 11/14

    Periodic Table Basics


    Thursday, 11/15

    Complete Periodic Table Basics


    Friday, 11/16

    Last day to work on Periodic Table Basics


    Monday, 11/19

    Who Am I - Periodic Table Crossword


    Tuesday, 11/20

    Turn in Who Am I Papers

    Alien activity - periodic trends


    Wednesday, 11/21

    Alien activity - periodic trends


    Monday, 11/26

    Film Notes - Hunting the Elements


    Tuesday, 11/27

    Film Notes - Hunting the Elements


    Wednesday, 11/28

    The Amazing Race - Periodic Table


    Monday 1/14

    Motion Frames Illustration


    Tuesday 1/15

    Turn in Motion frames

    Graphing intro

    Interpreting graphs


    Wednesday 1/16

    Motion Notes

    Kinematics - Golf

    Finish Graphing Practice


    Thursday 1/17

    The Speed of a Bubble Lab

    Kinematics - Hockey


    Friday 1/19

    Kinematics - Summer Olympics

    The Speed of a Bubble Lab


    Tuesday 1/23

    Complete The Speed of a Bubble Lab


    Wednesday 1/23

    Complete Speed of a Bubble Lab conclusions

    Speed notes and formulas


    Thursday 1/24

    Speed notes and formulas


    Friday 2/1

    Acceleration practice problems



    Monday 2/4

    Acceleration packet


    Tuesday 2/5

    Complete acceleration packet


    Wednesday 2/6

    Test Review Packet


    Thursday 2/7

    Complete Test Review Packet


    Friday 2/8

    Mid term test


    Monday 2/11

    Finish mid term test

    Tuesday 2/12

    Forces packet


    Wednesday 2/13

    Forces notes

    Short forces video


    Thursday 2/14

    Calculating Forces Paper

    Video lesson - Forces and Motion


    Friday 2/15

    Forces and motion simulation


    Monday 2/20

    PhET Balancing act html5


    Tuesday 2/21

    Latin pref/suf


    Friday 3/1

    GinKit Game with pref/suf


    Monday 3/4

    Newton's First Law Lab staions


    Tuesday 3/5

    Continue Newton's First Law Lab staions


    Wednesday 3/6

    Complete Newton's First Law Lab stations


    Thursday 3/7

    Begin friction unit


    Friday 3/8

    Complete friction paper

    Film notes on friction


    Tuesday 3/19

    Begin Friction lab stations


    Wednesday 3/20

    Friction lab stations


    Thursday 3/21

    Final day of friction Lab


    Friday 3/22

    ISS video tour

    Friction Art


    Monday 3/25

    Mass vs. weight lab


    Tuesday 3/26

    PEAKS  Testing


    Wednesday 3/27

    PEAKS  Testing


    Thursday 3/28



    Friday 3/29

    Digital Friday!


    Monday 4/1

    Converting mass and weight

    Momentum video notes


    Tuesday 4/2

    Momentum video notes

    F=MA problems


    Wednesday 4/3

    Complete F=MA problems

    Begin Acceleration Lab


    Thursday 4/4

    Complete Acceleration Lab

    Begin 2nd Law Notes


    Friday 4/5

    Complete 2nd Law Notes


    Monday 4/8

    Investigating Newton's Second law Lab


    Tuesday 4/9

    Compete Investigating Newton's Second law Lab


    Wednesday 4/10

    Newton's Laws of motion


    Thursday 4/11

    Begin momentum unit


    Friday 4/12

    Gravity ruler task

    Catchup day


    Monday 4/15

    Continue Momentum packet


    Tuesday 4/16

    Complete Momentum unit


    Wednesday 4/17

    Turn in Momentum Packet

    Begin Forces Test Review


    Thursday 4/18

    Continue reviewing for the Forces Test

    Forces Test tomorrow


    Friday 4/19

    Turn in Forces Test Review

    Begin Forces Test


    Monday 4/22

    Complete Forces Test


    Tuesday 4/23

    Energy video

    What is Energy Paper


    Wednesday 4/24

    Energy Notes

    Turn in What is Energy Paper


    Thursday 4/25

    GPE and KE practice problems


    Friday 4/26

    Digital Friday!


    Monday 4/29

    Energy Skate Park in the computer Lab


    Tuesday 4/30

    Complete Energy Skate Park in the computer Lab


    Wednesday 5/1

    KE and PE Energy Lab

    Turn in Skate Park Packet


    Thursday 5/2

    Complete KE and PE Energy Lab


    Friday 5/3

    Film Notes - Roller coasters


    Monday 5/6

    Finish Roller coasters video

    Begin Marble Run Lab


    Tuesday 5/7

    Roller coaster construction


    Wednesday 5/8

    Roller coaster construction day 2


    Thursday 5/9

    Marble Run packet calculations


    Monday 5/13

    Complete Marble Run packet calculations


    Tuesday 5/14

    What is work? Paper


    Wednesday 5/15

    Complete What is work? Paper


    Thursday 5/16

    Begin final


    Friday 5/17

    Digital Friday!


    Monday 5/20

    Complete final Exam


    Tuesday 5/21

    Promotion Practice

    Locker clean out






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