• Greetings Geometry Students and Parents!

    This email is going out to all my Geometry students, parents, and guardians. As we move forward with this unique academic situation, it will be a learning curve for all. As of this morning, students will begin their return to school activities through distance education on Monday (3/23). The good thing is we will be using Khan Academy, a program we already use in the classroom and your username and password should all be the same.

    If you are new to my class or can’t remember your information, below you will find a link for your specific class period. It will take you to a page to login and join the class. Please remember your user and password. I will check it first thing Monday morning, after I approve you (if you are new) you should see a tab on the left that says assignments.

     We will start with "Linear Equations with Variables on Both Sides" on March 23rd. This will be a great review for the next section using formulas. It should take us about one week to move through this section, and we should complete it by March 30th. If we are still working online at that time, I will assign the ""Solid Geometry" (area, volume, ect.)" unit next. Students, you are welcome to email me any questions including those on the content and curriculum. Parents, I will update you about every two weeks to notify you of when we begin new content. Students, here is your join code/link: 

    Period 3 – https://www.khanacademy.org/join/QZRMM63N

    Period 4 - https://www.khanacademy.org/join/ZH289YUD

    *Again, you should only need the link and code if you are new or can’t remember your information.

    The High School has Chrome books to check out if you are in need. Come today and check one out if possible.

    If you do not have computer or internet, email me and I will give you short assignments from my other curriculum and notes to go along with them to help with understanding the objective. The High School has Chrome books to check out if you are in need. Come in today and check one out if possible.

    I will be also be available through Zoom (video meeting app/website), it is an easy way for you to log in with me live and I can help you with any problems or questions. Please add this App to your phone or it can be accessed through your computer with a camera.

    I will be available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10-11:15 am, feel free to contact me at those times. I will send out the Zoom ID number on the Remind App and my webpage. At that time, I will be online and wait for you to speak or show up on my computer to help you out. Like I said it’s a learning curve, I’m sure there will be some bumps, but in the end it will all work out.

    I will also keep my Palmer High Webpage update with information.

    Students please add the Remind App on phone or computer,

    Period 3 Code – poppyp3     Link- https://www.remind.com/join/poppyp3

    Period 4 Code – poppyp4     Link - https://www.remind.com/join/poppyp4

Last Modified on March 30, 2020