• Mat Su Elementary Track and Field Meet - Coaches' Information

    Registration of teams and participants in events is done on Athletic.net. Coaches should receive a Meet invitation via email by April 1st. 
    If you are a brand-new coach, or starting a new team, CLICK HERE.
    If you are a verified coach and ready to register your athletes,  CLICK HERE for full directions. 
    Event Selection: Once a team is registered for the Meet, the coach will need to update the athlete list and select events for each athlete. Each athlete can be entered in a total of FOUR events, including all individual events and relays.
    Note: When registering runners for events,  Mat-Su events are the same as listed, except for the follow events:
    - The Shuttle Relay is listed as "4x60 Shuttle Relay." Register your boys as one team, and your girls as a separate team. 
    - The Obstacle Course is listed as "40m Hurdles." 
    RELAYS: Relay entries are listed on the Relays tab. On that page, you will find a link to the relay entries form, and the teams for the relay races. This list is compiled from the Athletic.net entries and the entry form. Please do both! Check back before the meet to ensure your relay teams are accurate. 
Last Modified on April 27, 2023