• 6th Grade Mathematics

    Teeland Middle School

    Mr. Joshua Smith





    Class Expectations

    • Be on time for class
    • Come prepared with required class materials
    • Follow directions the first time they are given, and ask questions if you do not understand
    • Complete assignments on time
    • Give your best effort!!!


    Class required materials

    • A school issued Chromebook
    • Ready Classroom textbook (provided)
    • Pencil(s)


    Math Curriculum

    Students will be taught using Ready Classroom (textbooks) and i-Ready online curriculum (also called MyPath).  Students are given one free 6th grade Ready Classroom textbook which they are expected to be bring to class each day. The books are consumable, soft cover workbooks.   Lost or destroyed workbooks cost $10 to replace.



    Homework will be assigned most days (Monday through Thursday).  Homework assignments will always be posted to the class webpage on Google Classroom as well as the Synergy/Studentvue/Parentvue class webpages.  Typically homework will be the last two pages of each daily session (green pages).  Additionally students may need to review vocabulary terms, study for an upcoming quiz or test, complete MyPath assignments online, or make up missing assignments.


    Grading Categories

    • Assessments (quizzes and tests)                          50%
    • Assignments – (include classwork, homework, bell activities, etc.) 50%


    Make Up work expectations

    Students are expected to make up all missing or incomplete work due to appointments, absences or trips.  They have the same number of days to make up work as their absence, plus one additional day.  When absent, students can find the assignments for the days they missed on Google Classroom as well Synergy/Studentvue/Parentvue.



    Academic Honesty

    The grade a student receives in class is the grade he or she earns.  In earning a grade, the student shows evidence of learning and mastering math concepts on their own.   If a student is caught cheating or copying another student’s work then I will call you to discuss what we should do about their grade.  Additional instances of cheating may result in referrals to administration.  Examples include copying another student’s homework answers or quiz answers, using a calculator without permission, or referencing prohibited websites during assessments (in other words, students are not allowed to google search answers).



Last Modified on August 17, 2021