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    Dr. Durbin’s 4th Grade


     Learning Program


    HOMEWORK: Students will have nightly homework to reinforce mathematical learning concepts taught the same day at school.  Additionally, students should read at least 20 minutes each evening and complete the reading assignment to reinforce skill/strategy development taught during the week at school.  Finally, students should study their spelling words in a way that supports the students learning. 


    In addition to the daily homework expectations shared above, students are welcome to use the online, personalized learning platforms to provide individualized instruction and class website resources to support learning. The online learning platforms are self-paced to allow student advancement opportunities in learning at their own pace. 


    Remember, the beauty of this learning program is ubiquitous learning.  If students are NOT in class (ill, vacation, sports, etc.), the expectation is that learning continues outside the classroom.  I will not hold students in from recess to complete assignments; however, I will be contacting parents if their student has overdue assignments that need to be completed, and students will miss out on our weekly FUN FRIDAY event that is earned when assignments are well done and properly completed.  


    NOTE: Students in 4th grade at Big Lake Elementary are graded using a standards based assessment.  This means students will recieve grades based upon a rubric demonstrating proficiency with scores 1 - 4.  Students MUST pass each standard at least 3 times to demonstrate proficiency.  A level 3 score indicates your student is demonstrating proficiency on the specific standard. When a student scores less than the level 3, I make certain to review the content with the student (individually or small group). After the review, I will reassess the standard to determine proficiency and next learning sequence.


    IF your student is working on academic lessons at home, make certain to monitor your student’s internet activity.  There are also some learning videos embedded in the learning resources; however, there are NOT opportunities for students to take rabbit trails. REMEMBER, the best parental setting on computers are YOUR EYES.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  


    READING HOMEWORK: Students must engage in 20 minutes (minimum) of reading at home each day.

    • Students will read at least two books (student lexile level) per month and complete an Accelerated Reading (AR) quiz for at least two books per month. The passing score for this comprehension AR quiz is 80%.  If 80% is not achieved, the student will need to review the book and retake the quiz. The second score will be the gradebook assignment score.
    • Students will choose one of the two books read, prepare/complete a "Book Sharing Video", and post the video to the monthly book sharing thread using FlipGrid.  FlipGrid is an online learning resource. The video should be no more than 5 minutes long and detail about the book (story summary, favorite part, type of people who would be interested in the book, a book rating 1 - 10, where to get the book, and anything else the student would like to share about the book).  Props are encouraged, but optional. Students will be able to view classmate video posts and comment on at least five videos.
    • The FlipGrid Book Sharing Video is ALWAYS due by the last day of each month (regardless the day of the week).  Assignments will begin in September and continue monthly though April 30. The first video is due by September 30.


    *If your student does not have permission to use Flipgrid, he/she can use an alternative method to video.  Your student will share his/her video during lunch. Classmates will provide oral comments.


    MATH HOMEWORK: A homework assignment is provided to reinforce new learning during the daily math lesson.  Online tutorials are available for use incase students need extra support at home on the lesson.  If the homework is forgotton/lost, assignments can be obtained online from the ThinkCentral website.  The assignment may be printed off to complete OR work completed on notebook paper when printing is not an option.


    Additionally, students who are not proficient in multiplication math fact fluency will need to study math facts via flashcards or an online learning game.  Students take fluency practice timed tests daily. On the reverse side of each practice test is another practice opportunity that can be done at home.  Check the Monday Mailbag for the fluency practice tests.


    SPELLING HOMEWORK: Students will have weekly spelling words that focus on a specific spelling pattern.  A pretest is given on Monday.  Students that pass the pretest by demonstrating proficient knowledge on the standard will be given an alternative spelling list to study.  Students may use a variety of methods to study their spelling words, included the online learning games on SpellingCity.  Spelling tests are given on Friday or the last day of the school week.


    WEEKLY PERSONAL ASSIGNMENTS: Each student has a personal learning folder that focuses on learning specific to each student’s needs.  Students are given the assignments on Monday and have all week to complete the assignments. IF assignments are not completed by Friday, I will send any unfinished work home on Monday with an attached HOMEWORK TO BE COMPLETED letter.  Please help your student find a quiet work space to complete the assignments and return them to school.


    PROJECT BASED LEARNING: All projects are typically completed in class; however, students do get excited about learning and do want to continue working on assignments or research at home. Make certain you monitor their online research. IF there is project homework, I will send an email to let everyone know.


    VALENTINE BOX HOMEWORK: In February, students will need to prepare a Valentine Box to use for the friendship celebration.  There are specific directions given for students to follow when completing this project. I will post the information on my class website and send a copy home with students at the beginning of February.  This assignment is due February 13.  


    *Students will be required to read 1 AR book during February.


    SCIENCE FAIR HOMEWORK: Students are assigned a science fair project to complete at home during the month of March. I will post the expectations on my class website and send a copy home with students at the February conferences.  Projects are generally due following spring break. Presentations are held in the classroom (dates TBA) for students to share projects with classmates. A schoolwide community event will also showcase student science projects (dates TBA).


    *Students will be required to read 1 AR book during March.


    Finally, I will be making contact phone calls in the next 2 weeks to check in and see how things are going with class, homework, and answer any questions.  However, if you have any questions at any time, please contact me directly via email, phone (ext. 26), stop by, or schedule an appointment.


    Together in education,

    Dr. Durbin, NBCT





    Please sign and return this form to indicate you understand the homework expectations outlined for Dr. Durbin's classroom.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Durbin.


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