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    About Chemistry

    From early ancient civilizations, humans have been interested in what things are made of and how things react to form new materials.  In fact, the word chemistry comes from the Arabic word al-kimiya from which we get the term alchemy which means the transmutation of earth.  Chemistry occurs all around us from our description of matter and its properties (color, texture, sensity, temperature) to how it changes states.  When new materials form we may see changes such as bubbles, or feel an energy change.  To understand what is occuring we must create models that allow to understand how the macroscopic changes we are seeing are happening on the molecular level.  To develop these models we may diagram, collect data, examine patterns and relationships or use technology.  Everything around us can be described by chemistry.  Medicine, energy production, the environment are all driven by chemistry.



    What supplies do I need?

    You should have a calculator (scientific, does not have to be graphing---the one you are using/used for algebra 2 is fine), pencil (with eraser), composition notebook, and something to keep loose pages in.  This may be a binder shared with another course or a folder (student's choice).



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    CORONA VIRUS UPDATE:  Content will be delivered through Google Classroom.  Email me if you are in need of a Classroom Code. Picking up your textbook and chemistry notebook is OPTIONAL.  The priority is to minimize potential exposure. 



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