• Team Members                 1st Place for District

    Sarah Crocker

    Audrey Abalos

    Karina Holcomb

                                               4th Place in State

     Karina Audrey Sarah


    Battle list for 2017 - 2018




    Orwell, George

    Everything, Everything

    Yoon, Nichola

    The Eye Of Mind

    Dashner, James

    Hidden Figures

    Lee Shetterly, Margot

    Monument 14

    Laybourne, Emmy

    Red Queen

    Aveyard, Victoria

    The Smell of Other People's Houses

    Hitchcock, Bonnie-Sue

    These Shallow Graves

    Donnelly, Jennifer

    Ties That Bind, Ties That Break

    Namioka, Lensey

    Zero Day

    Gangsei, Jan



Last Modified on March 22, 2018