Classroom/Grade Level Reward Ideas for Y Students

    These rewards can be used as well as any other rewards teachers choose (see the note at the bottom). 

    • Transition without an escort (to/from specials, lunch, bus, recess, reading, etc.)
    • Chosen to be a “caboose, sweeper, etc.”—turn off lights, shut door
    • Sit by a friend at lunch
    • Sit anywhere in the room at lunch
    • Switch spots with another student for the day
    • Use the Y Room when available
    • Extra free time
    • Extra computer time
    • Free homework pass once a week
    • Double days—random days that students who behaved get to move up 2 spaces
    • Popcorn parties
    • Popsicle parties
    • Y students can be the first off the buses in the morning

    Schoolwide Rewards

    The following schoolwide rewards will be implemented.  Other rewards may be added as the year goes.

    • Caught Ya’s one bonus space once a week
    • Recognition at assemblies
    • If an entire class reaches the Y and stays for an entire day, they get to have a running parade.
    • At the beginning of each semester, the first class to have every student reach the Y gets an ice cream party.

    Please do not use electronic devices, hats, gum or any other things that are against school or district policy for rewards.