• Bathroom Procedures:
    • All homeroom classes will take their students to the bathroom as a class until some students have reached the Y.
    • During class bathroom breaks, students are to sit silently and wait their turn. Only 2-3 students may use the restroom at a time. Teachers can allow students to bring a book to read.
    • Once students have reached the Y:
      • You must be on the Y to use the bathroom alone or to escort another student. Y students have the choice to escort a student or not.
      • You must always sign out and place a bathroom sign at your spot (this includes students who are being escorted).
      • The Y student escort must check the bathroom before and after the student uses the restroom.
      • The Y student may use the bathroom at the same time the escorted student is.
      • If the Y student is not using the bathroom, they must stand outside the bathroom and wait for the other student.
      • Upon returning to class, the Y student reports any misbehavior to the teacher.
    • Students may not use the bathroom during transition times.
    • Students may not use the bathroom during instruction time and should wait until independent work time, unless it is an emergency. Teachers need to use their best judgment to decide if a student needs to use the bathroom during instruction.
    • Procedures for using the class chart:
    • One infraction = W                            Student may not move ahead. If they are on the Y                          they move back immediately.
    • Two infractions = Check mark          Student moves back one space.
    • Three infractions = Check mark       Student moves back another space.
    • Four infractions = X                           Student does not move back, but is required to call home and any other consequence determined by the homeroom teacher. The teacher must talk to the parent before allowing the child to talk to the parent.
    • Students may not move up on the chart if they are not present at school for the entire day.
    • Teachers will use the classroom discipline system they already have in place to determine what constitutes a W or check marks, in addition to the set infractions listed below. Infractions should be related to the Responsibility words and our school motto.
    • All staff members will be supplied with discipline slips. If a student misbehaves, fill out the slip and send it to the office. At the end of the day when messages are distributed, all slips will be returned to the homeroom teacher.
    • Movement on the chart happens once a day (unless it is a Y student who misbehaves—they move immediately). This should happen either at the end of the day or first thing the next morning. All students should know where they are on the chart.
    • Y students will be given a wristband to show that they are on the Y. If they have an infraction, the wristband is taken off and they move off the Y immediately.
    • At the beginning of 3rd Quarter, all students move to the B (regardless of where they were) as a reminder of our expectations.




    Damaging Property/Vandalism/Littering

    Student moves back 2 spaces in addition to the principal’s consequences.


    Fighting, pushing, kicking, etc.

    Bullying behavior

    Verbal harrassment